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FTCE Teacher Test FTCE Teacher Test
FTCE Preschool Education Birth-Age 4 Test FTCE School Psychologist Exam FTCE Mathematics Test
FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics Test FTCE Exceptional Student Education Test FTCE Middle Grades General Science Test
FTCE ESOL Test FTCE Earth/Space Science Test FTCE Educational Media Specialist Test
FTCE General Knowledge Test FTCE Agriculture 6-12 Test FTCE PreKindergarten/Primary Test
FTCE Florida Art Test FTCE Physics Test FTCE Biology Test
FTCE Physical Education Test FTCE Business Education Test FTCE Music test
FTCE Chemistry Test FTCE Florida Computer Science Test FTCE Middle Grades Social Science Test
FTCE Drama Test FTCE Family and Consumer Science Test FTCE Marketing Test
FTCE Journalism Test FTCE Guidance and Counseling Test FTCE Humanities K-12 Test
FTCE Florida Health Test FTCE Hearing Impaired Test FTCE Speech 6-12 Test
FTCE Florida Speech-Language Impaired Test FTCE Social Science Test FTCE Technology Education Test
FTCE Visually Impaired Test FTCE Reading Test FTCE Elementary Education Exam
FTCE Spanish Exam FTCE Middle Grade English Exam FTCE English 6-12 Examination
FTCE Professional Education Exam



FTCE Study Guides & Test Prep

Do you want to earn a valid teaching license to be able to teach your major in schools and other educational institutions? Take the Florida Teaching Certification Exam and get the opportunity to earn your teaching certification, you will also need to pass teaching certification program as well in addition to that, but in order to get into masters degree programs in teaching many educational organizations require educators to pass FTCE subject area related test.  Prepare for your test with our FTCE study guide materials on this site, ranging from exam descriptions,  flash, cards, exam secrets, links to tutors all from a single site.

If you have plans of taking the Florida Teaching Certification Exam , it is best to keep in mind that ample preparation is needed for you to be able to take this exam with confidence. There are a lot of obstacles test taker may encounter. This includes difficulty to understand teaching certification test instructions, inaccurate answer selection, poor test prep skills and traits and more. The test prep guide for exam is proven to be the most efficient tool to help you develop the right methods of effective studying and learn about the competencies you need to have to take your exam with ease and oozing with self-esteem.


How to View FTCE exam descriptions on this site


How to search for FTCE exam descriptions or study guides by exam code or title?


Search for exams or their corresponding study guides, is easy simply scroll to the top and on the right hand corner you will see search window simply search for exam code or your FTCE title exam.  When you start typing it will provide suggestions, select your suggestion from the list.

 If you still can't find your study guide or need help to find one, email us and we will help you find one.  You can contact us from contact form.


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Benefit of Passing FTCE exam and how it can help Educators make money.

  1. Passing exam can increase your educational qualifications.
  2. Open up doors for additional tutoring or content development opportunities.




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FTCE Certification doesn't have to feel boring, when you know that the more qualified you are the better your chances would be in making part time income tutoring students after school.  Tutoring Services, LLC provides multiple reasons for educators to prepare for their FTCE exam and do well on their exam. 

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What type of Study Guides offered for FTCE test on this site?

The test prep guides offered on this can  help Florida educators gain a better understanding of the teaching certification test that other test prep publications in the market fail to do. The test prep guide for FTCE is a fusion of test book, advice guide and review book in an all-in, very practical printed publication. Some study guide comes with pages of practice test questions you can answer to test your knowledge about the subject matter. So why not look around and see what type of study guide help material you need. Simply browse study guides below or search for your exam from top right corner.

In here you will find collection of study guide  material which can help you prepare for your test in the form of flash cards exam secrets and even local or online private FTCE tutors ready to help you prepare for the test and pass it!


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Why Study from our collection of FTCE Study Guides? offers variety of study gudies from different edu vendors and help educators succeed in their test preparation studies, which can be  vital for successful test results. Our listed study guides are beneficial in helping you improve your studying routines and learn the appropriate preparation methods while making use of your classroom-trained skills and knowledge and experience to its fullest potential for your FTCE test.

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FTCE General Knowledge Test


One of the common exams that many florida state educators take is FTCE General Content exam, feel free to check out study guides offered for this exam by browsing below.  The first of these is the FTCE General Knowledge Test, which is divided into four further sections. The questions are all multiple-choice, apart from the essay test, which asks the candidate to write one essay. The sections  are:

    The FTCE Mathematics Test
    The FTCE Essay Test
    The FTCE Reading
    The FTCE English Language Test


Disclaimer: We are not associated with Florida State department of education, some content maybe outdated, this site is only for informational purpose, any official trademark names belong to their official trademark holders.  Prior to taking any exams, always cross check with the official site  with requirements, before registering for any exam. 




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Florida Teacher Test

FTCE Teacher Test

Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets, ebook

Prepare for your Florida Teaching Certification Test with Confidence, view our collection of exams and corresponding study guides, in the form of flash cards, exam secrets, test descriptions and other study guides available to Future Florida state Educators

FTCE Preschool Education Birth

FTCE Preschool Education Birth-Age 4 Test

Exam Code: ftce-psycho-pk-12
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
FTCE Florida Preschool Education (Birth-Age 4) Examination Information Preschool Education is a very crucial part in young students’ lives as most children have to encounter this stage. This scholastic level is usually the first time for the children to explore an entirely new environment other...
FTCE School Psychologist Exam

FTCE School Psychologist Exam

Exam Code: ftce-school-psychologist
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
FTCE Florida School Psychologist PK-12 Examination Information School life can be hard and coupled with challenges both inside and outside the classroom, students may have the tendency to over work their minds. Some may become depressed and tend to perform poorly at school. To help such students recover...
FTCE Mathematics

FTCE Mathematics Test

Exam Code: ftce-math-6-12
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
FTCE Florida Mathematics 6-12 Examination Information Guide Mathematics is a somewhat troublesome subject as it requires understanding and patience to teach students. Educators who wish to teach this subject must be considerate to their students and should be accurate enough in answering math problems....
FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics

FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics Test

Exam Code: ftce-math-5-9
Study Guide Type: ebook, Flash Cards
FTCE Florida Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9 Examination Information Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that are taught to students but with recent negative comments towards the subject, students are most likely to be wary of the subject. Undeniably, the subject IS difficult, but the...
FTCE Exceptional Student Education

FTCE Exceptional Student Education Test

Exam Code: ftce-exceptional-k-12
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
FTCE Exceptional Student Education K-12 Exam Study Guide Sometimes, educators encounter students who have disabilities and in such a case, they must offer the needed assistance to these students so as to help them learn normally. Educators who wish to specialize in looking after such students are...