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Learn to Love Algebra Using Algebra 1 E-course

Are you struggling to keep up with your current Introductory Algebra or Algebra 1 class?  Do you feel frustrated because you don't understand the concepts and you continue to get more and more lost?

If you are ready to give up, then you have landed on the right page. The Algebra-class E-course is a step-by-step program that is designed to help students who are struggling.

How Does Algebra Class Works

  • For each lesson, you will have access to a video tutorial (with multiple examples explained, step-by-step) and a printable workbook to accompany the video.

  • You will begin by watching the video tutorials that explain each concept in full detail.

  • While you are watching the video tutorials, you will take notes on the notes worksheet that is included in the printable workbook. By taking notes along with the videos, you will better understand the process.

  • You will then practice the concept by completing the practice problems that are included in the workbook. These practice problems will allow you to build your confidence by applying the skills that you have just learned.

  • While you are completing the practice problems, you will check your answers with the step-by-step answer keys. Every single problems is solved for you, step-by-step.

    That means that if you get a problem incorrect, you will be able to use the answer key to determine where you made your mistake. This eliminates the constant frustration that most students have because they may spend hours just trying to figure out why they can't find the right answer. You will know instantly and once you find your mistake, you will be less likely to make that mistake again.

    This is the number one reason students love this Algebra program. You will feel your confidence soar and your frustrations go away as you realize that you can solve these problems and when you do make a mistake (because we all do), you will be able to quickly and easily correct yourself.

  • You will then assess your knowledge by completing a small mini assessment. The check your understanding of the workbook allows you to make sure that your skills are strong and you are ready to move on to the next lesson.

  • This course also comes complete with quizzes and tests that you can use to help you study and assess your understanding.

Here's How Algebra Class Help You Find Success in Algebra

So many students need help right from the beginning. If you don't get help right away, it will only get worse because all Algebra concepts build on one another.

You don't want to let yourself get so far behind that you can't catch up.

This program is so easy to use and it can be used in multiple ways.

  • You can follow each lesson, in the order that they are presented for a complete study of Algebra 1. This is for students who need to start from the beginning and want to learn Algebra from the ground up.

  • You can also easily navigate to a particular lesson. If you are taking an Algebra course and you want to study a lesson that you are working on in class, you can easily find that lesson and begin your studies.

  • This program is self-paced, so you take as much time as you need to fully understand each lesson.

Build the Building Blocks of Algebra Now!

This program is fully guaranteed, as the owner of Algebra-class is concerned about your success. If you find that this program is not for you, you will receive a complete refund.

Although, the refund rate is about 1% because most students who thought that they would never be able to learn Algebra have found success with this program. Yes, if you are really struggling, there is hope!