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Lambda Serverless Monitoring | AppDynamics | Zenoss and Beyond

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How Studying Lambda Serverless Monitoring can help you make money

Learn how serverless functions work with the help of our study guides.  Prepare for your IT monitoring career with the help of our subject matter consulting experts.

Why Monitoring Monolithic apps is so different from serverless

Monitoring monolithic applications is complex, but monitoring serverless applications is beyond just complexity.  Trying to solve a problem in a serverless world is like trying to solve a murder mystery.

Various tools exist on the market that can help IT Professionals monitor serveless architecture, ranging from Sumo Logic, Data Dog, New Relic and Beyond.

The problems is learning all of these tools without any guidance is not exactly a fun thing to do.

What if we told you, that you can learn servless monitoring by doing an internship from our consulting company so this way you gain real world experience?

Out of a sudden this sounds more fun right?

Imagine Learning and Gaining Experience by working on the real life serverless problems.

In colleges students rarely learn anything useful, simply because learning in class room settings is a lot different than learning on the job.

The problem is not that many employers are willing to give new college graduates or students who are about to graduate college servless lambda monitoring job.  

The reason for that is simply because employers are looking for experience and without experience chances of landing serverless monitoring subject matter position can greatly dwindle.

Hence this is the reason why many students often get discouraged studying the field of information technology, simply because there is no gurantee that you will land the job.

IT field has many different areas, and each areas has multiple sub-area. It's like a maze, navigating out of that maze can help you land the right job.

Luckily our company specializes in helping college graduate students or students who are in their junior and senior year of College with the relevant computer science and/or math degree get that serverless monitoring experience that employers are constantly looking for.

What's the catch?

The catch is simple, our consulting company provides training to students at no up front cost to you.  Last thing we want to do is charge students money that they don't exactly have while in college.  However, just because the training is at no up front cost it doesn't mean it's FREE.  

Think of it this way, our company would also be taking risk on boarding interns into our consulting company, assigning them to a project, assigning IT professional subject matter expert to such intern student who would guide the student in completing the internship and gaining serveless monitoring experience.

All that takes time and money.  Money that our consulting company would have to pay to our Serverless monitoring consultants to guide interns.  Although these very same servlerless monitoring consultants will also be working on the client projects and getting paid, they would still have to spend time guiding interns in relationship to the assignedserverless monitoring project.

Now how is that different from college or technical school?  

The big difference is that college or technical school is just that... and nothing more.  In college you don't get assigned to an actual real world project where you get to work on emerging technologies in the world of serveless monitoring.  In college you simply learn in class and pay tuition.  

Technical school is a bit different, but conceptually the same.  That is not to say that all colleges and universities are created equal, but it is to say that their business model is structure fundementally different.  That difference means you learning less.. and not exactly getting the experience that employers are seeking for.

So how does our DBA Binary Fusion internship in serverless monitoring works?

We assign you to an IT Professional subject matter expert, who is also assigned to one or multiple servless or other IT related projects to work.  

You learn servless monitoring in informal manner (not the same as class room settings).  

You get assigned project assignment by your guide (meaning Serverless Professional Subject Matter expert).

That project assignment can be anything from integrating multiple monitoring systems such as New Relic, Splunk, Sumo Logic, Solar Winds, AppDynamics, Dynatrace or even open source tools like ELK.   

During the project you will be attending ocassional meetings with your guide.  Your guide will analyze your performance based on the assigned tasks created for you. 

Each task will be relevant to specific client or multiple client project assignments.   Since our company works with not just one client, but multiple clients, you may be pulled into different types of projects.

The internship will last for 3 months at no up front cost to you. At the end of the intership we help you with your resume and in some cases we will literally assign you to work on one of our client projects.

In cases where we can not assign you to any of the client projects, we may even hire you to work on some of our in house projects on part time flexible basis or full time basis depending on demand of our in house projects, there by making the scheduling flexible for you and for us.

Now based on contract we do not gurantee that we will assign you to any of our internal clients or assign you to our in house projects at the end of the internship.  

However at the end of the project we will help you prepare your resume and provide reference for the future employer that you have completed hands on real world training for our company DBA Binary Fusion.  (NetworkConsultant.NET)

Doing so we will help you get a better job, simply because employers will see that you have hands on experience with serverless lambda monitoring.

Also since our company has expertise in job placement, if we can not place you with our direct clients on consulting basis. 

We will attempt to place you in another company as a full time employee. (note there is no gurantee that you will be, placed since it truly depends on not just us, but on your overall educational background, ability to learn fast, certificates and many other factors).

This works for us simply because we get referral fee or job placement fee from the company, and it works for you simply because you get the job. 

We create connections with other companies and literally show them our training internship program. They understand that the candidates we refer to them are trained by Serveless IT monitoring guides.  They also understand that serveless monitoring field skill is a hard skill to find. 

This is the reason why companies work with us vs just picking random candidates on the internet, and hence that is precisly the reason why they pay us job placement fee.  

So the question is do you have to pay anything to join our serveless monitoring internship program?

The answer is no, it's at no up front cost to you.  

Will you have to sign the contract?

Yes contract that after completing the internship you will work for the company that we assign you to for at least 2 years at a reduced rate (rate is determined based on your residency).

In exchange you will be provided opportunity to gain real world hands on experience.  You will get help with your resume, and will be provided reference for working with us.  That means breaking the chicken and the egg connundrum of no job = no experience, and no experience = no job.  

All that while increasing your probability of potentially working on our own in house projects or being assigned to work as a consultant for one of our direct clients in the field of Serveless Monitoring or similar IT related skill set.


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