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Daily Report Example |

Our daily report example perfectly tackles the task at hand and shows how to do it in the best possible manner. Take a look at it because you can learn a great deal.


Daily Report Example

The purpose of a daily report is to account for the things that an employee accomplished through the certain time period on a daily feedback basis. It is intended to document formal or informal work activity mostly for the internal audience. The compiler of a daily report example can use few writing patterns. The structure of daily report can be expressed like an e-mail notification letter or be written in the prepared form. In the first case, it is vital to use headings in order to keep the reader attracted to the context of the report. In the second case, the author must write out each section completely and concisely at the same time. Such type of report is written day to day, so, the constant reports are likely to be short and informative in both structure and meaning. Overall, daily report example requires gathering and submitting all the necessary information: facts, figures, dates, and names, chronologically covering all the essentials of the office day.

Name: Peter G.

Date: 26/05/2016

Today I did a great job on locating and approving new customer base for our shoe models in Carrolton, West Georgia. At 9 a.m. I received a formal letter from Joshua H., an independent businessman from Carrolton who is craving to open the brand-new shoe store. The purpose of his letter was to find out whether we were able to supply his store with our shoes directly from the factory in North Vietnam. Moreover, he was eager to know when we would be able to discuss the details of the deal and by which means of transport do we carry the shoes to the USA.

After a while, at 11 a.m., I decided to visit our accounting department in order to check the notification about my financial annual income. Mrs. Peterson warmly agreed to check the status of the notification and an hour later, at 12 a.m., she gave me the notification just after I signed all the security and privacy permissions.

Furthermore, at 1 p.m. I was notified to come to the office of general shipment and marketing manager due to the discussion of company’s next year marketing strategy and schedule planning. The manager, Mr. Smith, met me at his door with obvious enthusiasm because he was reassured that my marketing talents were relevant to the genuine ability to find the approach to the regular buyers. The main topics of discussion were issues of company’s re-branding strategy, market expanding to Canada and Mexico, corporate restructuring, and corporate ethics policy. As a result of the discussion, it was clear that company should tailor its customer-related approach in a better way owing to the increased number of Chinese rivals. These companies sell the cheap shoes made from artificial leather, congesting the market with defective shoes.

I may need some help with:

Poor communication system within the company. I have to address my PC frequently to check the mail instead of having the corporate smart phone which will notify me about incoming messages via e-mail or special application. Moreover, the elevator seems to be not working for a month, so, it is rather inconvenient to go up the stairs to the sixth floor from the ground floor where my office is situated.

Other comments:

Mrs. Peterson’s cookies are the greatest thing in my life. Encourage her to cook them for the corporate parties.

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