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OSAT Physics (014) Secrets Exam Prep Guide

OSAT Physics
Oklahoma Subject Area Tests
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Excellent OSAT Physics Exam Prep 

Physics, in the simplest context, is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. This field of science has an extensive array of concepts that is learned by keen observation and experimenting.

A lot of career opportunities can be available to anyone with great knowledge on the field. From education to construction and even transportation, knowledge of physics has been a highly regarded and extremely important qualification.

Before beginning a career on the field of physics, one must pass the OSAT Physics test set by CEOE. This is currently a paper-based test, which will soon be converted to a computer-based test. It is made up of 80 selected-response questions and 1 constructed-response assignment. A score of 240 points out of 300 is needed in order to pass.

In conclusion, one must exert not only effort and time in studying but also invest on tools and resources that would help a test taker to pass the test. Also, one must gain critical connection between the material they learned and how to use the material to succeed on the CEOE. 

We Have Just the Right Study Guide for Your Usage. 

The OSAT Physics Test Secret Study Guide is made by dedicated research staff with years of combined experience in mastering the content and skills necessary to succeed on the toughest exams. Not only does the study guide include information on areas of Physics that are pertinent to the exam, but it also includes techniques in test taking and secrets that only our CEOE experts have accumulated over the years.

Scientific and Engineering Processes 


  • Scientific inquiry and experimental and engineering designs
  • Cross cutting concepts in science

Motion, Forces, and Energy  


  • Motion in one and two dimensions
  • Laws of motion in one and two dimensions, systems of particles and simple harmonic motion
  • Conservation of energy and momentum

Electricity and Magnetism 


  • Knowledge of electric charge and electric field
  • Characteristics of magnetic field, magnetic interactions with charges and principles of electromagnetic induction
  • Knowledge of electric circuits

Waves, Acoustics and Optics 


  • Knowledge of waves and wave motion
  • Knowledge of sound propagation and sound waves
  • Knowledge of light and optics

Thermal and Modern Physics 


  • Kinetic theory and laws of thermodynamics
  • Atomic structure and nuclear physics
  • Quantum theory of light and matter

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The OSAT Physics Flashcard Study System is also a great companion to the study guide to better your studying pattern. These tools would be your passport to success. Read, understand and learn everything. Utilize the guide and the flashcard study system to your advantage and secure a better future in the field of physics.

The feeling of making your family, friends and colleagues proud of your achievement is priceless. Secure yourself a copy of the study guide and the flashcard study system to be on the right track to success and be an advocate dedicated to physics.