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NES Elementary Education

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National Evaluation Series Elementary Education

The certification exam NES is one of the available teaching certification exams students in Fairfield County CT can take to earn a license. The Elementary Education test has 2 subtests: Subtest I 102 and Subtest II 103. Each subtest has approximately 75 questions with up to 90 minutes of test taking time. The price for taking one test is $50 while it costs $95$ for taking two tests.

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Elementary Education Subtest Contents

This NES Elementary Education Test has two subtests. Each subtest contains the following sections:

Subtest I

Reading and English Language Arts

Foundations of language development and emergent literacy

Development of phonics, word analysis, spelling and fluency

Reading comprehension and vocabulary skills

Literary, informational, persuasive and functional texts and graphic sources

Processes, conventions and modes of written and oral communication

Social Studies

Fundamental concepts related to government and economics

Fundamental concepts and major developments related to US and world history

Fundamental concepts related to geography and methods of social studies inquiry

Subtest II


Concepts of numeration, number sense and mathematical operations

Mathematical reasoning and problem solving, communication and representation and data analysis

Basic concepts of patterns, algebra and functions

Basic concepts of geometry and measurement


Fundamental concepts of the life sciences

Fundamental concepts of the physical, earth and space sciences

Nature of science and the processes of scientific inquiry

Arts, Health and Fitness

Basic elements of the arts and fundamental concepts of health and fitness 

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NES Elementary Education (102) Exam Secrets

NES Elementary Education (102) Exam Secrets

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NES Elementary Education (102) Test Flashcard

NES Elementary Education (102) Test Flashcard

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