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AEPA Geography (04) Test

AEPA Geography

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Getting Up-close with the AEPA Examination

Each year, many test takers are looking forward to taking the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments or certification exam for AEPA. The Geography (04) exam for AEPA is one of the important categories among the many available subjects for this particular licensure examination. Aspiring teachers in the territory are required to take this test for them to be able to earn their own certification for employment at schools or other educational institutions.

The Geography (04) exam for AEPA is a computer-based exam with 100 selected-response question that can be answered within a 2-hour and 30-minute period. There is an $85 test fee and a $35 registration processing fee amounting to $120. This test focuses on the following sub-areas:

  • Geographic Concepts and skills
  • World Geography
  • United States and Arizona Geography
  • Contemporary Issues and Future Trends

The Most Convenient Way of Passing the Teaching Licensure Test for Geography

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AEPA Geography (04) Exam Secrets

AEPA Geography (04) Exam Secrets

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AEPA Geography (04) Test Flashcard

AEPA Geography (04) Test Flashcard

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