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ABCTE Chemistry & PTK Exam

ABCTE Chemistry & PTK Exam

Examination Information for ABCTE Chemistry & PTK Test

The ABCTE Chemistry & PTK Exam or Professional Teaching Knowledge is part of the certificates included in ABCTE Exam or the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. The ABCTE Chemistry & PTK Exam is comprised of broad topics divided in two areas: Chemistry and Professional Teaching Knowledge. Chemistry covers difficult subjects in Scientific Investigation, General Science Knowledge, Atomic Structure, Periodicity and Matter, Chemical Naming Structure, Reactions and Reactivity, Gas Laws and Solutions and Organic Chemistry. In addition to those challenging topics are the PTK subjects that are Effective Instructional Design and Strategies, Classroom Management and Organization, Assessment, Parent Communication and more. Thinking about these wide and rigid subjects that you will review is already a difficult head start to do.

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