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OSAT Middle Level English (024)

OSAT Middle Level English

Outstanding OSAT Middle Level English Exam Prep

Middle school is a school system of progressive development that is vital for the learning process of students in the United States. The main goal of middle school is to bridge the gap between elementary and high school and alleviate the transition of students into adolescence. This goal is applied to all the subject areas in middle school including Middle Level English.

Like any other English level subjects, the middle school level is of high importance also. It connects the learning of students from their elementary level English and prepares them for higher learning of English once they reach high school.  In order to become a Middle Level English Teacher, it is essential that one passes the OSAT Middle Level English exam created by the CEOE.

Effective Studying for the OSAT Middle Level English (024) Test Requires Effective Tools

The test is made up of 80 selected-response questions and 1 constructed-response assignment. The passing score is 240 out of 300. This test is the key in becoming a certified Middle Level English Teacher so it is given that this exam will be arduous and would entail students to study in their best way possible.

Nowadays, students have easy access to different study guides that would assist them in studying. The only question is which of these study guides is the most effective. 

The OSAT Middle Level English Test Secrets Study Guide is by far the most comprehensive study guide in the market; designed by professionals in order to lessen the burden of students taking the exam. This study guide is a complete resource with tips and tricks, a new studying process and comprehensive selection of sample questions, all of which would efficiently help you in passing the exam.

This OSAT study guide contains the following chapters, all of which are essential to the exam:

Oral and Visual Communication


  • Effective listening and speaking
  • Participating in conversations and group discussions
  • Preparing and delivering effective presentations
  • Analyzing and evaluating visual images in various media

Writing Process and Applications


  • Writing process
  • Elements of effective composition
  • Conventions of standard American English
  • Writing to describe, inform or explain, persuade or instruct
  • Writing for personal expression and social interaction, or for literary response and critical analysis

Reading Process and Comprehension


  • Roles of phonological and phonemic awareness and strategies to develop word identification skills and vocabulary
  • Development of reading comprehension and fluency
  • Reading expository texts, persuasive texts, functional and technical texts and texts from multiple subject areas

Literature and Language


  • Reading various genres of fiction and drama, literary nonfiction and various forms of poetry
  • Themes, characteristics, trends, writers and works in literatures from around the globe
  • Historical, social and cultural aspects of literature and how literary works reflect and shape history, society and culture
  • Historical, social, cultural and technological influences shaping the English language

Remembering Important Aspects of the Exam Just Got Easier

Another powerful tool that you may find effective is the OSAT Middle Level English Flashcard Study System. This tool has a collection of concepts which can be used with repetition method that helps sharpen one’s memory with in-depth explanations at the back of each card in an easy to understand, straightforward style.

If you are able to pass the OSAT Middle Level English Exam, your future as an educator awaits you. This achievement will open up a lot of opportunities in the education industry. Don’t waste this chance to grab a copy of the study and the flashcard study system. They will serve as your key in becoming a success.

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OSAT Middle Level English

OSAT Middle Level English (024) Secrets Exam Prep Guide

ISBN: 1614036780
Subject: Oklahoma Subject Area Tests
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Outstanding OSAT Middle Level English Exam Prep   Middle school is a school system of progressive...
OSAT Middle Level English (024) Flashcard

OSAT Middle Level English (024) Flashcard

ISBN: 1610724461
Subject: Oklahoma Subject Area Tests
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards
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