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NES Middle Grades General Science Test

 NES Middle Grades General Science

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Most Wanted NES General Science (204) Examination Information


Middle Grades General Science (204) must be taken for candidates wishing to become a certified educator in Middle Grades General Science course. This test is a computer-based test which is composed of 150 multiple-choice questions that should be completed within three hours of examination. Candidates should get the national benchmark score of 220 to obtain the certification. There are examination appointments set in every testing sites but every candidates will be served in a first-come-first-serve basis, if you have problems and questions related to the examination better go to testing sites early. There will be an on-screen calculator provided with the test. Also, constants, formulas and periodic tables are available too. Scaled score will be provided immediately after the test and after two weeks of testing, score reports will be released.


Topics to be Reviewed


Here are the list of topics that candidates will go through during the examination. They are highly encourage to study and make effort to scan their notes about these topics. Candidates can also visit different educational sites online for help. Here are the lists:


Nature of Science


•        Principles and procedures of scientific inquiry

•         History and nature of science

•         Relationships between science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and society.


Physical Science


•         Properties and characteristics of matter

•         Physical and chemical changes of matter

•         Characteristics and transformations of different forms of energy

•         Relationships between force, mass and motion

•         Characteristics and properties of mechanical and electromagnetic waves.


Life Science


•         Characteristics, organization, and processes of cells

•         Characteristics and life processes of living organisms

•         Concepts and principles related to genetics, the theory of evolution, and the classification of organisms.

•         Characteristics of different biomes, relationships between organisms, population dynamics, and the flow of matter and energy through ecosystems


Earth and Space Science


•         History of Earth, characteristics of Earth materials and resources, and the geologic processes that shape the Earth.

•         Characteristics and properties of the hydrosphere

•         Earth's atmosphere, weather, and climate

•        Characteristics of the solar system and the universe


Coverage for the Exam


Listed below are the main topics and coverage of the exam along with their respective allocation. Candidates should focus most on areas with high graded. Time and effort is highly needed to obtain research and study about the topic. This will give also hint to candidates on how they should go through during their review and how to maximize their self assessment.

Nature of Science which covers 19% of the examination

Physical Science which covers 31% of the examination

Life Science which covers 25% of the examination


Earth and Space Science which covers 25% of the examination

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