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Praxis II Technology Education (5051) Subject Test Information

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Praxis II Technology Education (5051) Subject Test Information

Praxis II Technology Education (5051) Subject Test Information

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Praxis II Technology Education (5051) Exam General Information

The Technology Education test is designed for candidates seeking certification as a middle school or high school teacher. The test focuses on the knowledge and skills a teacher must have to support the technology education curriculum. It incorporates essential concepts from the Technological Literacy Standards prepared by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). In addition, the test reflects concepts from the International Society for Technology Standards for Teachers (ISTE® Standards•T).

Praxis II Technology Education (5051) Examination Format

The Praxis II Technology Education (5051) Exam includes 120 selected-response type questions and examinees are given 2 hours to complete the exam. The 120 selected-response questions cover topics in technology education, including knowledge of information and communication; construction, manufacturing, and energy/power/transportation technologies; and the impact of these areas on individuals, the environment, and society. The test taker is required to apply pedagogical and professional knowledge to answer questions focused on the individual understanding and application of current technology education principles. This test may contain some questions that will not count toward your score.

Examination Coverage with its Approximate Number of Questions and Percentage

The Praxis II Technology Education (5051) Exam covers:

Technology and Society (18 questions – 15%)

  • Understands the nature of technology, technology education, and technological literacy
  • Understands how invention and innovation occur, how they are influenced by cultural and economic factors, and how they are built on existing technologies
  • Understands how technological development is influenced by knowledge from other fields of study, especially mathematics and the sciences

Engineering or Technological Design and Problem Solving (24 questions – 20%)

  • Understands how to implement and document the steps of a design process
  • Knows how to select and use tools—especially software—in a design process, including the creation, testing, evaluation, and communication of solutions
  • Understands how to identify a problem and define design requirements (criteria and constraints)

Energy, Power, and Transportation (18 questions – 15%)

  • Understands and knows how to utilize various types of control systems (e.g., electrical, chemical, mechanical)
  • Knows how to apply mathematical and scientific principles to solve problems involving the harness, transfer, loss, transmission, and conversion of power and energy
  • Understands energy utilization systems (e.g., internal combustion, external combustion, hybrid)

Information and Communication Technologies (18 questions – 15%)

  • Understands major concepts and terminology related to information systems
  • Given a communications problem or task, can identify and knows how to use appropriate tools and materials, especially software and hardware, to address it
  • Knows how to use operating systems, software applications, communication devices, and networking components in the classroom/laboratory

Manufacturing and Construction Technologies (18 questions – 15%)

  • Knows the management functions used in construction and manufacturing (e.g., planning, organizing, directing)
  • Knows how to apply a systems model to manufacturing and construction processes (inputs, processes, outputs, feedback)
  • Knows the key concepts associated with the efficiency of production (e.g., automation, interchangeable parts, just-in-time inventory)

Pedagogical and Professional Studies (24 questions – 20%)

  • For a technology education program, knows how to create and implement a curriculum based on state and national standards (e.g., Standards for Technological Literacy)
  • Knows how to select appropriate instructional content and develop learning activities
  • Knows how to choose, adapt, and implement instructional strategies appropriate to both the content and the level at which the content is being taught

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