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Praxis I Mathematics Learning Tool

Praxis I Math Learning Tool  for 5372 exam
Praxis 1 Exams
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Prepare for Praxis 5732 Math Core Exam with video course

Let me start by saying you already know everything that is on this test. Yes you read that correctly, you already know everything that is on this test. The Praxis I Mathematics assessment is a general education test intended to measure your proficiency with specific math skills. It is designed to be taken during the late high school or early college years and does not go beyond tenth grade arithmetic. The problem is that for most of us math is like a foreign language.


Reading Math langauge can be complicated

We all took some sort of foreign language in high school in order to graduate, but how many of us can speak that language fluently today? For the small percentage of you reading this that can speak that language, I’m certain that you were immersed in an environment in which you had the opportunity to speak that language consistently. Math is the same way. You must use it consistently in order to retain your knowledge of it. Most of you, however, have not properly used who spoken mathematics since you left high school.

Not many people sit at the dinner table and say things like: “Could you please pass the peas which are adjacent to mashed potatoes” or “The length of the hypotenuse created by Dad, Granddad, and Aunt Lucy is approximately 5 feet.”

Study Tip for future teachers

Due to the nature of this test, we aim to refresh your memory of certain math strategies and introduce you to a few new ones that can make the test less stressful. The content itself however, is based upon concepts that you have seen before. As previously stated, the PRAXIS I Core Math does not go beyond tenth grade arithmetic, but does require the use of adult reasoning skills. In fact, you can think of this examination as a reasoning test, it simply uses numbers to determine if you have the ability to reason.

So why not assess your self and take The Praxis 1 Video course offered by teacher test prep, and see how well your math skills can be solidified. 


Praxis 1 Math Test Prep Material