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OSAT School Psychologist (033) Exam

OSAT School Psychologist (033) Exam

Best OSAT School Psychologist Exam Prep

Both Psychology and Sociology has always been an integral part of learning and curriculum. It is vital to have knowledge on both areas as well as knowing the relationship of these subjects to each other. In order to become an instructor of Psychology and Sociology, you must gain a thorough understanding of how these two branches of knowledge correlates with one another. Psychology is the study of human behavior. It depends on sociology to understand human nature accordingly. Sociology provides the structure, an organization, a culture in which human behavior is born. 

Requirements of the OSAT School Psychologist (033) Exam

In order to impart your knowledge on Psychology/Sociology and become an instructor of these subjects, you must undergo the OSAT Psychology/Sociology exam set by CEOE. It is an exam made completely by professionals and experts in the subject fields to determine your competency and wisdom on these subjects. 

The exam consists of 80 selected-response questions and 1 constructed-response assignment that totals to 300 points, in which 80% is the passing score. Like in all the great battles heroes have fought in, they have never come into battle unarmed. They always carry tools and reinforcements to help them survive and achieve their goal. And your goal at this very moment is to pass the exam and to become a School Instructor of Psychology/Sociology. The key to winning your battle is right here. 

Effectively Prepare for the Exam With the Best Study Tools

The OSAT Psychology/Sociology Test Secrets Study Guide the only tool you would need to survive. This has been designed to help you study what is important, including tips and tricks on how to prepare your mind for this exam, and a comprehensive series of sample questions to hone your analytical and constructive thinking.

Also, the OSAT Psychology/Sociology Flashcard Study System is also a great companion to the study guide to better your studying pattern. These tools would be your passport to success.

This OSAT study guide contains the following chapters, all of which are significant to the exam:

Foundations of Psychology


  • Historical development of major ideas in psychology and aspects of research and methodology
  • Biological bases of behavior
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Stress and Coping and how their effects to health
  • States of consciousness including sleep, reaction to drugs and controlled conscious processes
  • Memory and its principles and processes
  • Learning and its principles and process
  • Correlation of thinking and language

Individual Development, Conflict and Adjustments and Social Psychology


  • Lifespan development from conception to old age
  • Concepts and processes related to motivation and emotion

Individual differences and the psychologists’ assessment on it


  • Concepts and methods for assessing personality
  • Psychological disorders and their effects
  • Psychological disorders treatments
  • Concepts and processes related to social psychology



  • Data collection and analysis  in sociology
  • Culture and society and their significance
  • Relationship between individual and society

A strong determination is needed to pass the OSAT Psychology/Sociology exam. With the combination of your determination and a copy of the study guide, you are sure to pass the exam and become an instructor in the long run.

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OSAT School Psychologist (033) Secrets

OSAT School Psychologist (033) Secrets

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OSAT School Psychologist (033) Flashcard

OSAT School Psychologist (033) Flashcard

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