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OSAT Driver/Safety Education (036)

OSAT Driver/Safety Education

Best OSAT Driver/Safely Education (036)

Ever since they have been invented, cars are one of the most useful means of transportation. Before one can drive a car, driving courses and tests needs to be taken and passed. The courses do not only include instructions on how to drive, but they also include safety guidelines, procedures and rules that a future driver must bear in mind.

Driving and Road Safety courses are administered by instructors who have extensive knowledge of these topics, and they know all the important information that has to be taught to future drivers. 

Requirements for Passing the Driver/Safety Education (036) Test

In order for one to become an effective instructor of Drive/Safety Education in Oklahoma, one must pass a test set by CEOE, which is called the OSAT Driver/Safety Education Test (036). This is a paper-based test, and it will be converted to computer-based on April 2015. Also, it consists of 80 selected-response questions and 1 constructed-response assignment. The score one must get in order to pass is 240 points out of 300. 

Once a test taker passes this test, he or she can secure a job in the Drive/Safety Education field; becoming an instructor for aspiring drivers is one option. If this is the field you are targeting for your future, you have to prepare yourself in taking the OSAT Driver/Safety Education Test through effective studying.

Both the OSAT Driver/Safety Education Test Secrets (036) Study Guide and the OSAT Driver/Safety Education (036) Flashcard Study System are now available to provide you all the assistance you needing in studying.

The OSAT Driver/Safety Education Test Secrets Study Guide is a detailed, thorough and concise study guide made by CEOE experts. It covers all areas and topics included on the exam, in addition to tips and tricks to help you with efficient and accurate studying habits.

This OSAT study guide contains the following chapters, all of which are pertinent to the exam: 

Motor Vehicle Operation


  • Laws involving the interaction of natural forces
  • Physical and psychological factors that affect the operation of a motor vehicle
  • Drug use and its implications
  • IPDE process/Smith system
  • Energy conservation in relation to construction, operation and maintenance of motor vehicles

Motor Vehicle Laws, Rules and Regulations.


  • Rule of “right of way” and the doctrine of “last clear chance” in given traffic situations
  • Rules and regulations on operator’s licenses, vehicle ownership and traffic violations
  • Standard road signs, pavement markings and traffic signals
  • Types and functions of automobile insurance in Oklahoma

Safety for All Highway Users


  • Rights and responsibilities of drivers and pedestrians in traffic situations
  • Issues and practices related to safety in specified settings and situations
  • Collision-avoidance maneuvers and driver liability in specific situations
  • Automobile safety devices
  • Procedures related to basic first aid

Instruction in Basic Driving Procedures


  • Preoperative, starting and parking procedures
  • Maintaining directional control, braking techniques, and safe following distance
  • Changing lanes, passing, turning, and signaling
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Techniques in driving in various situations and environments

Additional Areas


  • Driver and safety education programs in Oklahoma
  • Instructional settings and strategies in driver education
  • Materials and teaching aids used in driver and safety education programs
  • Components and functions of the major systems of an automobile

How the Flashcard Study System can Help You With Your Studies

Another tool that would come in handy is the OSAT Driver/Safety Education Flashcard Study System. This is a brand new system but is currently making names in the educational guide category.  The flashcard study system has a collection of concepts which can be used with repetition method that helps sharpen one’s memory with in-depth explanations at the back of each card in an easy to understand, straightforward style.

With the study guide and the flashcard study system, you will be sure of getting not only a passing score but a soaring score, one that you can be proud of. So grab a copy of these tools and start studying. You hold the key to your success, make an investment on these study guides and bright future is waiting for you.

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OSAT Driver/Safety Education (036) Secrets

OSAT Driver/Safety Education (036) Secrets

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OSAT Driver/Safety Education (036) Flashcard

OSAT Driver/Safety Education (036) Flashcard

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