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OSAT Dance (078)

OSAT Dance

OSAT Dance Exam Prep

Most schools in Oklahoma include a dance class in their arts program; it is necessary for the teacher who manages the class to have the required skills, abilities, and knowledge in the area of dance.  The teacher should be able to teach the students the key concepts and principles about dance and at the same time, be able to demonstrate the fundamental technical skills.

Dance teachers play a vital role in developing the students’ talents and skills, and in creating the right opportunities and outlets for the students who wish to pursue a dance career in the future.

OSAT Dance Exam (078) Passing Requirements

In order to become a certified and a successful dance teacher, you need to take and pass the OSAT Dance Exam administered by the CEOE. It is a test of 80 selected-response questions and 1 constructed-response assignment which total to an equivalent of 300 points (85% from the selected-response questions and 15% from the constructed-response assignment). In order to pass the exam, you need to get a passing score of 240 and become an OSAT Certified Dance Teacher.

The best way to pass the exam is to prepare and study for it. Knowing what will come out in the exam is as important as how the exam will be administered. Good exam guides will definitely help you be fully prepared for the exam and be able to pass it.

The OSAT Dance Secrets Study Guide is the key to pass the exam. It has been created by exam experts who have done rigorous research to help you do your best on the exam. This guide has very specific content areas and has the right tips, guides, and suggested study habits that you can utilize. Not only that, but it is also thorough, concise, and lets you efficiently study with the minimum effort.

This OSAT study guide consists of the following chapters, which are all key parts of the exam:

Dance Elements, Concepts, and Skills

·        Understand basic movement elements, concepts, and skills.

·        Understand the fundamental technical skills and concepts of ballet.

·        Understand the fundamental technical skills and concepts of modern dance.

·        Understand the fundamental technical skills and concepts of jazz dance.

·        Understand the fundamental technical skills and concepts of tap dance.

·        Understand the fundamental technical skills and concepts of International folk and social dance forms.

·        Understand components of healthful living and fitness that promote lifelong well-being for dancers.

Creating and Analyzing Dance

·        Understand choreographic principles and processes.

·        Understand choreographic devices, forms, and structures.

·        Understand dance as a way to create and communicate meaning.

·        Understand the application of creative and critical thinking skills in dance.

The History and Roles of Dance

·        Understand the history of dance.

·        Understand the relationship of dance to other art forms.

Dance Education

·        Understand the philosophical foundations of dance education.

·        Understand instructional planning, implementation, and management associated with the teaching of dance in a school setting.

·        Understand integral skills and strategies required of the professional dance educator.

·        Understand ways to integrate dance into other areas of the educational curriculum.

Discover the OSAT Dance (078) Test Guidebook and Flashcard System

Dance programs require skilled and knowledgeable dance teachers in order for the students to learn the right concepts and to be able to apply their skills in the best ways. Passing this exam will open a big door of opportunity to fully help the students achieve these and help them pursue their dreams of having a successful dance career in the future.

Purchase your very own copy of the OSAT Dance (078) Secrets Study Guide Read it and let it help you learn all the necessary things you need for the exam. Make sure to fully utilize it and you will be guaranteed to get a score much higher than the passing score.

Another very important tool in preparing for the exam is the OSAT Dance Flashcard Study System. Repetitive learning is said to be one of the best ways to study for an exam. The Flashcard Study System will help you remember the very important concepts that will surely come out of the exam.

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OSAT Dance (078) Secrets

OSAT Dance (078) Secrets

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OSAT Dance (078) Flashcard

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