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OSAT Chemistry (004)

OSAT Chemistry

Prepair Your Exam With The Best OSAT Chemistry Test Study Guide

As a result of the state law the was passed in the mid-1990s, the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE) was established to help ensure that all candidates seeking certification in Oklahoma have the required knowledge and skills of an entry-level educator in the state’s public schools. Among these tests are the Oklahoma Subject Area Tests or OSATs which are designed to assess subject matter knowledge and skills.  Most of the OSATs include 80 selected-response questions and 1 constructed-response assignment, and have a passing score of 240 out of a possible total score of 300.

Chemistry 004 is one of those OSATs.  It’s a 4-hour paper-based test which one can be assigned to take in either the morning or afternoon session in designated test sites.  If one is looking to take these tests soon, there is some good news.  Although tests began last September, these will end sometime in April 2015. So there is time to review.  You know what’s even better?  The CEOE/OSAT Study Guide by Mometrix Test Preparation is available to help you be successful in these tests.

Acing the OSAT Chemistry (004) Test Just Got Easier

The CEOE/OSAT Study Guide is a powerful guide created by a dedicated team of expert researchers to enable test takers to improve exam results dramatically with minimal effort.  Easy to understand and use, the study guide discusses the essential skills necessary to pass the CEOE convincingly, plus a wide-ranging review covering any specific CEOE test, including Chemistry 004.

A printed copy of the study guide or its downloadable version can be purchased at the website below for a very affordable price of US$ 39.99.  Aside from getting the study guide, you will also receive bonus material such as CEOE practice test questions, study secrets, and tips on how to overcome test anxiety, among others.  Best of all, it comes with a risk-free 100% money back guarantee.

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OSAT Chemistry (004) Flashcard

OSAT Chemistry (004) Flashcard

ISBN: 1610724216
Subject: Oklahoma Subject Area Tests
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards
Price: $39.99
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OSAT Chemistry (004) Flashcard - Excellent Exam Prep Tool   Solving difficult test questions...
OSAT Chemistry (004) Secrets

OSAT Chemistry (004) Secrets

ISBN: 1610724208
Subject: Oklahoma Subject Area Tests
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets
Price: $38.95
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Excellent OSAT Chemistry (004) Secrets Exam Prep Guide  Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation...