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NYSTCE New York State Test and Exam Details for Social Studies 005

NYSTCE New York State Test and Exam Details for Social Studies 005

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NYSTCE Social Studies Exam Study Guide Overview

The Social Studies subjects has always been the foundation of students’ knowledge learned from our civic society before and the latter period. Teachers have also become more interested in undergoing training for a more effective way of imparting information to classes. With that, the New York Educators board comes up with an assessment called the NYSTCE Social Studies Exam for the educators of public schools in this field. This helps the examinees analyzes a wide range of current social, political, legal, ethical, environmental and educational and issues. The registration can be made online through the NY education board or offline also.  Candidate should note that computer-based testing is available from Monday to Saturday, in single schedule.

NYSTCE Social Studies Exam – Admission

There will be an initial level and a professional level in the exam. Requirements for New York Teacher Certification Examinations Library Social Studies Exam are stated that the applicant must be a bachelor degree holder from a national or state university and attend the two-hour workshop of prevention of school violence an also the child abuse identification program. A passing mark must be obtained in order to qualify further into the professional level.

NYSTCE Social Studies Exam – Presentation

The NYSTCE Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills Exam will be composed of 90 multiple choice questions and one subjective question within the evaluative scale range of 300, out of which 220 will be the minimum marks required for the qualification. Candidate must answer as many questions as they can as there is no negative marking for wrong answer and if ever he/ she fails to reach 220 marks, he/ she can appear again for the next assessment after the lapse of 30 days.

NYSTCE Social Studies Exam – Course Outline

The topics discussed are:

•  35% History - US History, terms and concepts of history, human rights, World History

•  16% Government and Citizenship – US foreign policy and election process, political issues, democratic government operation

•  15% Geography – human culture and evolution of US history, geographical concept, relationship between physical process and human activity

•  12% Skills of Social Studies – judgments and conclusions, visual resources, research methodologies

•  12% Economics - economic system, concepts and terms of economics, role of government in US economic system

*10% weightings in the exam will be from the open-ended questions of the topic “history”

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