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NYSTCE New York State Assessment Information for Chemistry 007

NYSTCE New York State Assessment Information for Chemistry 007

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NYSTCE Chemistry Examination Overview

NYSTCE Chemistry Exam Study seeks to assess educators whether they are eligible to teach chemistry in accordance to the standards of New York State Education Board and are able to help students recognize the significance of the subject in their day to day existence. With this profession in the NY public schools, ample background information of the examinee is a must in order to develop the students’ mastery on the particular subject and be able to help them gain general working knowledge of the basic concepts and principle of chemistry to become well-informed individuals.

NYSTCE Chemistry Exam - Admission

There will be two phases during the assessment, namely the initial (valid for three years) and the proficient phase. This exam requires the applicant be a bachelor degree holder and must have passing marks in Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills Exams and Liberal Arts and Science Test. Under the proficient phase, he/she must have a master degree with three years of teaching experience in the field.

NYSCTE Chemistry Exam - Presentation

NYSCTE Chemistry Exam includes only close ended questions. There will be 90 multiple choice questions and a subjective question to be completed within 4 hours and will be then scaled in a range from 100 to 300, in which 220 is the least score to be qualified. A good time management is a must during the exam and if the examinee fails to reach the passing score, he/she can appear again in the same exam after the lapse of 30 days from the first exam.

NYSTCE Chemistry Exam – Course Outline

The exam contains the following topics:

•  19% Fundamentals of Chemistry Science – observation, experimentation, principles and procedures, etc.

•  16% Chemical Reactions – synthesis or combination reactions, chemical equilibrium, reaction rate, organic and redox reaction, etc.

•  16% Structure of atom – kinetic molecular theory, nuclear transformation, quantum theory, chemical and physical properties of matter, periodic tables, etc. 

•  16% Molecular Structure – chemical reactions, thermodynamics, chemical bond, etc.

•  13% Solutions and Stoichiometry – mole concept, empirical and molecular formula, solubility, percentage composition, etc.

•  10% Chemistry and Environment – chemical reactions in environment, household chemistry, nuclear reactions, etc.

*10% weightings in the exam will be from the subjective query of the topic “fundamentals of chemistry science”

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