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NYSTCE Teacher Secrets for Biology 006 Test

NYSTCE Biology

Relevancy Exams:

NYSTCE Biology Examination Overview

NYSTCE Biology exam seeks to assess the educator’s proficiency in teaching biology subject, specifically in New York in order to standardize the quality of education in the state as provided by the education board. The candidate whose capacity is proven to help students organize and understand the essential knowledge and skills that comprise biology and competent enough to handle the subject can then apply for certification and be given credentials for the profession.

NYSTCE Biology Exam - Admission

The NYSTCE Biology exam consists of two phases; the initial and professional phase, and each has different requirements. For the initial phase, a bachelor degree from national or state university must be held by the examinee along with the fingerprinting clearance to appear on the NYSTCE Biology exam/ assessment and attendance on a 2-hour child abuse identification workshop and another 2-hour school violence prevention workshop. Finally, the candidate must be able to attain passing marks in Liberal Arts and Science Test and Assistant of Teaching Skills Exam also other than the NYSCTE Biology Exam.

NYSTCE Biology Exam - Presentation

The exam composes 90 multiple choice questions and a subjective question which must be completed within the duration of four hours. It shall be scaled within a range of 300 in which score must be at least 220 in order to qualify. If the examinee fails, the examinee must be present again for the next examination after 30 days.

NYSTCE Biology Exam – Course Outline

The following topics will be included in the exam:

•  17% Fundamentals of Biology subject – adaptation and interdependence, gathering and reporting data, interpreting, principles and procedures, etc.

•  17% Cell structure and physiology – Unicellular and multicellular organisms, cell diversity, cell organelles, DNA, RNA, functions, etc.

•  15% Genetics – DNA, genes, chromosomes, protein synthesis, biotechnology revolution, etc.

•  12% Life Processes – diversity of life, cell structure and function, photosynthesis and cellular respiration, etc.

•  12% Ecological Study – ecosystem structure, energy levels, chemical cycles etc.

*10% weightings in the exam will be from the subjective query of the topic “fundamentals and foundations of biology science” which requires the creativity, conciseness and artistry of the applicant

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NYSTCE Biology (006) Test Secrets

NYSTCE Biology (006) Test Secrets

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NYSTCE Biology (006) Test Flashcard

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