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Looking for the best tool to help you pass your NMTA teaching licensure test? offers comprehensive printed study guide to help college or university students who have obtained their majors through years of study and practice. And to formally launch a career in teaching, these students have to take the NMTA examination to earn a valid teaching license.

The NMTA teaching licensure test stands for New Mexico Teacher Assessments. It is one of the many teaching state examinations in the United States that lets students grab the opportunity to legally earn their teaching certification as required by most schools and educational institutions.

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Aspring NMTA teaching licensure test takers should obtain their own copy of the printed study guide for NMTA and seek experts’ help to sure fire ways of passing the teaching state certification examination. Not only do the printed study guide help students develop their competencies for the test, but also for gearing up students for the necessary life skills they can use throughout their career.

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NMTA Mathematics

NMTA Mathematics Test

Exam Code: nmta-014


 NMTA Physical Education

NMTA Physical Education Test

Exam Code: nmta-029


 NMTA Language Arts

NMTA Language Arts Test

Exam Code: nmta-012


NMTA Library Media

NMTA Library/Media Test

Exam Code: nmta-030