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NES Physics Test

NES Physics

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Latest NES Physics (308) Examination for 2015-2016

National Evaluation Series Test for Physics is a computer-based test that is composed of 150 multiple-choice questions. Candidates will be given three hours and 45 minutes to complete the exam. There will be exam in each year round. Test appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The testing sites are located nationwide. For candidates wishing to check their scores, passing scores will be announced in states of Arizona, Oregon and Wisconsin. An onscreen scientific calculator will be provided during the test alongside with formulas, constant pages and periodic table will also be provided. Scaled scores will provided immediately after testing, after two weeks score reports will be released.

Examination Topics to be Reviewed

Below will be the topics covered by the exam. Candidates are highly encourage to focus and take time to study on the topics listed below.

Nature of Science

·         Principles and procedures of scientific inquiry

·         History of science, its connections with other science, and the relationships among science, technology, and society


·         Motion in one and two dimensions

·         Forces as interactions and their effects on motion

·         Conservation of energy and linear momentum

·         Simple harmonic motion and rotational dynamics

Electricity and Magnetism

·         Properties of the Electric field

·         Properties of the magnetic field and electromagnetic induction

·         Properties of electric circuits


·         Fundamental properties of waves

·         Characteristics of light and electromagnetic radiation

Modern Physics

·         Thermal energy and the kinetic theory of matter

·         Fundamental ideas of modern physics

·         Fundamental principles of nuclear physics

Physics Test Coverage with Weighted Percentage

Knowing the coverage with its respected weighted percentage would be a great help for test takers to examine and being able to properly allocate their time to more weighted topics.

Nature of Science which covers 14% of the examination

Mechanics which covers 28% of the examination

Electricity and Magnetism which covers 22% of the examination

Waves which covers 14% of the examination

Modern Physics which covers 22% of the examination

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