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Coverage and Topics for NES Health with ebooks | tutors | quality courses

Coverage and Topics for NES Health with ebooks | tutors | quality courses

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NES Health Exam Testing Information

NES Health (505) is a K-12 Assessment for candidates aspiring as teachers in Health course. The examination will be for three hours and all test takers must submit their examination sheets on or before the three hours mark once taking the exam. $95 is the examination fee for this exam. Candidates should obtain the 220 national benchmark score to get the certification. Passing scores can be checked on the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Oregon. A scaled score is provided immediately after the test. Reports of the scores will be released within two weeks of testing.

Topics to be Reviewed

Below will be the topics covered by the exam. Candidates are highly encourage to focus and take time to study on the topics listed below.

Health Throughout the Life Span

•         Principles of human anatomy and physiology and stages of growth and development.

•         Importance of proper nutrition for maintaining lifelong health

•         Principles, components, and benefits of health-related physical fitness

Health Promotion and Risk Reduction

•         The nature, control and prevention of illness and diseases

•         Principles and strategies for reducing risks to personal health

•         Factors that influence interpersonal and family relationships and strategies for promoting health relationships

•         Principles, methods, and techniques for enhancing safety, preventing and treating injuries, avoiding danger, and responding to emergencies.

Health Advocacy and Literacy

•         How to use risk-assessment, conflict-resolution, goal-setting, decision-making, and advocacy skills to enhance health

•         Principles and techniques for locating, selecting, and accessing information, products, and services to enhance health.

•         Influence of society, culture, media, technology, and the environment on personal, family, and community health.

Examination Coverage

Knowing the coverage with its respected weighted percentage would be a great help for test takers to examine and being able to properly allocate their time to more weighted topics.

Health Throughout the Life Span which covers 30% of the examination

Health Promotion and Risk Reduction which covers 40% of the examination

Health Advocacy and Literature which covers 30% of the examination

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