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How to Prepare for NES General Science Test with high quality courses | books | tutors

How to Prepare for NES General Science Test with high quality courses | books | tutors

Relevancy Exams:

Upcoming NES General Science (311) Examination Preparation

NES General Science (311) is the upcoming test for candidates wishing to become an educator for General Science course. Test appointments are set in every testing site on a first come first serve basis, if questions came up better set appointments earlier. This test is compose of 150 multiple choice and this is a computer based test. Screen calculator will be provided in the test. Constants, formulas and periodic tables will be provided too. 220 is the national benchmark score, candidates must obtaint the said score to get the certification. Scaled score will be provided immediately after the test and after two weeks of testing, score reports will be released.

Topics Provided  for Candidates to Review

Listed below are the main topics with its respected subtopics. Candidates must able to list the following topics to help the focus studying on the said area and limit their scope of researching various topics.

Nature of Science

•         Principles and procedures of scientific inquiry

•         History and nature of science

•         Relationships between science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and society

Physical Science

•         Properties and characteristics of matter

•         Chemical bonding, different types of chemical reactions, and stoichiometry

•         Characteristics of energy transformations in physical and chemical systems.

•         Force, motion, and energy

•         Characteristics and properties of mechanical and electromagnetic waves

•         Electricity and magnetism

Life Science

•         Characteristics, organization and processes of cells.

•         Classification and characteristics of organisms

•         Concepts and principles related to genetics and evolution

•         Characteristics of different biomes, relationships among organisms, and the flow of matter and energy through ecosystems

Earth and Space Science

•        Understand physical geology and the history of Earth

•         Characteristics of the hydrosphere, weather, and climate.

•         Characteristics of the solar system and universe

Examination Coverage and Topic Allocation

Time management would be huge problem for each candidate wishing to take the exam. No worries now! Listed below are the topics with weighted percentage. Start reviewing now and ace your exam.

Nature of Science which covers 19% of the examination

Physical Science which covers 37% of the examination

Life Science which covers 25% of the examination

Earth and Space Science which covers 19% of the examination

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