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Get Better Grades for Your Early Childhood 101 with the Right Test Prep Tools

Get Better Grades for Your Early Childhood 101 with the Right Test Prep Tools

The National Evaluation Series teaching test in CT is a subject-assessment certification exam aspiring teachers may take to earn a valid license. The Early Childhood exam is a 150-item exam that is in multiple-choice format. There are three hours allotted to answer the test. The payment for taking the test is $95.

Quality Study Tools for NES Test Takers in CT

If you need a test preparation resource you can trust, get a NES Early Childhood Education 101 exam prep tool from Tutoring Services LLC today and find out how the professionals can help you pass your certification exam in NES with minimal problems. Great benefits and positive results await every NES teaching test taker if you avail of this study tool now.

Topic Coverage and NES Test Competencies

This NES teaching test contains the following sections:

Child Development and Learning

Early childhood development from birth to age 8

Goals, benefits, types and uses of assessments

Creating positive indoor and outdoor learning environments

Language and Literacy Development

Oral language development and promoting listening and speaking skills

Foundations of literacy development

Instruction in reading and reading comprehension

Writing processes and strategies for writing competence

Learning Across the Curriculum

Music, drama, creative movement, dance and visual arts and facilitating arts learning

Health, safety and physical activity and how to facilitate learning about health and safety

Mathematical concepts, processes and skills and facilitating mathematical learning

Social studies concepts and skills and how to facilitate social studies learning

Science concepts and skills and how to facilitate science learning

Professional Relationships and Responsibilities

Strategies for building positive, collaborative relationships

Roles and responsibilities of early childhood educators

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