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NES Chemistry

Relevancy Exams:

National Evaluation Series Chemistry Exam

The NES Chemistry Test in the National Evaluation Series is one of the subject teaching certification exams in the US that lets teacher graduates get a teaching license before practicing the profession. The NES teaching assessment in CT is a computer-based test with an on-screen scientific calculator provided. It is a 3-hour and 45-minute exam with 150 items of multiple-choice questions.

Study Materials for the NES 306 Exam in Connecticut

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Components and Competencies of the Teaching Test for Chemistry

This NES teaching assessment contains the following sections:

Nature of Science

Principles and procedures of scientific inquiry

History and nature of science

▪ Relationship among science, technology, engineering, mathematics and society

▪ Matter and atomic structure

Properties of matter

Atomic theory and periodic table

Kinetic molecular theory, nature of phase change and gas laws

Energy and Chemical Bonding

Thermodynamics and calorimetry

Energy relationships in chemical bonding chemical reactions and physical processes

Nomenclature and structure of inorganic and organic compounds

Chemical bonding and intermolecular forces and their effect on the properties of substances

Chemical Reactions

Nature of chemical reactions

Chemical equilibrium

Acid-base chemistry

Oxidation-reduction reactions and electrochemistry

Stoichiometry and Solutions

Mole concept


 ▪ Properties of solutions and colloidal suspensions

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