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MTEL Theater 45 Exam

MTEL Theater 45 Exam

MTEL Theater 45 Exam: Things to Know

MTEL Theater 45 Exam is the mandatory test for becoming Humanities teacher in Massachusetts school. The candidate is tested for their knowledge on the Theatre subject matter. Without a good study guide it might be difficult to pass the MTEL Theater 45 Exam with good grades.

MTEL Theater 45 Exam Format

MTEL Theater 45 Exam includes 100 questions which are multiple choice format. There are 2 open response questions of 20-30 minutes to prepare for the correct response. Multiple choice questions are worth 80% of the score and open response consists of the remaining 20% of the total score. The candidates are required to score a minimum of 240 marks to pass the MTEL Theater (45) Exam.

Sections In MTEL Theater 45 Exam

Candidates are tested for their knowledge on 5 subject areas and make sure you score well in each section. 36-38 questions are from Performance, Playing and Direction of Dramatic works, 18-20 questions come from Management of Dramatic works, production and Design, while 31-33 questions are taken from Dramatic Literature and Theatre History. Theatre education comprise of 11-13 questions and Knowledge and understanding of English and History comprise of the 2 open ended questions in MTEL Theater 45 Exam.

Candidates can completely rely on our You don’t even have to spend much time and put endless efforts to clear the exam if you seek our advice. Our flash cards, study guides and sample tests will help you score high grades and pass with flying colors in the MTEL Theater (45) Exam.

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MTEL Theater

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