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Marketing Solutions for independent online math tutors

marketing solutions for independent online math tutors

Relevancy Exams:

Here is how independent online math tutors can maximize their chances of landing student leads. 

The secret service that we show you here applies to any math tutor who is tired of paying agency recurring fee and is seeking to increase his/her student leads, with the sole purpose of heping students learn math and make more money

Who our marketing services is designed for? 

Our unique marketing service is designed around independent online math tutors who are seeking to simply improve their chances of making more money, by being blasted across our educational network of math tutoring sites.

This marketing service is great for

  • math teachers,
  • math instructors, and
  • subject matter experts.

What subjects math tutors can be advertised in?

Major academic subjects such as,

  • Basic Math
  • Algebra
  • Geometry 
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calc
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Probability

Can this innovative marketing service help online math tutors be found in academic math related exams?

The answer is Yes.   Many of the math exams that we can help independent online math tutors be advertised are listed on this very same site as well as on the other sites, as described in the videos further down below.

What type of exams can independent onlne math tutors be advertised in?

GED,GRE, GMAT, ASVAB, ACCUPLACER, CLEP,SAT, ACT, Praxis, FTCE, CSET, ISEE, SSAT and other exams that are most commontly taken by students. 


Why should onlne math tutors consider signing up with our marketing service?

Reason 1.  Simply because you do not get robbed by the recurring agency fees

One of the reasons is simply because you can bring home more money for yourself from each lesson you tutor, since we do not charge you any agency recurring fee, and instead student simply pays $15 for the first trial lesson, which you agree to deliver to student for FREE, in exchange for being part of our network.   

After teaching student first lesson free of charge you can work direct, avoiding the middle man and bringing home more money.  To see what we mean view videos at the bottom of the site.

Reason 2.  If you want to increase your student exposure, you can do so gradually 

Additionally, tutors who are registered on our hub website as online math tutors, can gradually maximize their chances of landing their student leads by upgrading themselves from FREE registered member into Premium membership.  To see what we mean view videos at the bottom of the site.

What is the disadvantage of our marketing service for independent non agency managed online math tutors.

One of the disadvantages of not being agency managed tutor is the very simple fact that we would trust you less.  Less Trust = Less Opportunities for you, hence less money.

Hence on one side you not being robbed by the agency recurring fee is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing.

Which is precisely the reason why we incorporated into this marketing service small elements of trust factors.  The very same factors that can help non agency managed tutors to be still somewhat trustworthy in the eyes of the students and parents.  (to see what we mean view some of the videos further below.)

However, before you begin watching videos, we would like you to understand the difference between being your own boss, and not being your own boss.

Being Your Own Boss = Online Math tutor who is not managed by the agency.

Not Being Your Own Boss = Online Math tutor who is managed by the agency

At this point you maybe confused why we are explaining this to you, but as you continue reading and watching videos you will understand the difference and be able to better determine for what type of online math tutor you should become, and whether or not you want to strike it on your own or strive to succeed together with the help of our agency.


Difference between being agency managed and not agency managed online math tutor.

Note,  the marketing services described on this page are strictly for independent online math tutors who are not managed by our agency Tutoring Services, LLC. 

However for the purposes of better understanding the difference between the 2 models, we briefly describe, what agency managed business model for online math tutors really is.


Agency managed business model for online math tutors

If you were managed by our agency Tutoring Services, LLC then you would receive even more opportunities then what is described on this page for non agency managed tutors, but would be subject to hourly agency recurring fee from every hour you teach (plus it's very difficult to become our agency managed tutor, since that requires you being math content expert as well as online math tutor). 

In case if you do not want to be an independent online agency managed math tutor and intested be your own boss, then simply continue viewing videos further down below, for more details about our marketing services..

However, in case if you are curious in not wanting to be your own boss, and be agency managed onlne math tutor and be under our wing, then check out this link to see how we market our online agency managed math tutors to students and parents.


Now that you are familiar with both types of business models that we offer for online math tutors, and probably by now have decided that you do not want to be managed by the agency and do not want to pay any agency recurring fees, and ok with not getting more opportunities brought to you by our agency Tutoring Services, LLC, then continue reading further below for how to strike on your own and be your own boss.

How to Get Started Learning about our Marketing Service

To get started, simply infuse information into your brain shown in the videos below. Also consider checking messages on the bottom right corner chat window from the automated chat trigger.






















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