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    Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
    Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Test Prep Guide 2017-2018 In this quick quide we will cover the...

Do not read this if you do not care about your financial freedom. 

Read this if you want to learn how to get out of rat's race.

  • Article written by 21st century educational advocate Rome Wells.  The same person that shows you how to prepare for LSAT by providing guidance and advice.
  • Discover what to do beyond LSAT or even if you didn't do well on LSAT exam.
  • Discover which specialization to pick if you still do continue to dive into law. 
  • Rome Wells will show you secret specialization that you can dive into law... while also pivots you in the direction of a secret field that can help you generate wealth.
  • Rome Wells will show you how he does it with 0 skills in a secret field that Rome Wells only discovered himself in January 1st 2018


Finished Studying for LSAT exam?  Or perhaps contemplating to see if it even makes sense for you to dive into becoming a lawyer?

Have you considered which specialization you are going to chose?  Will you go into IP Law?  Or perhaps real estate law that has to do with security exchange for example?

Do you realize how much work you would have to do as the lawyer?   

Do you have what it takes to become one?

Studied hard for LSAT exam, but in the midst of it all perhaps realized maybe law is not for you... after getting bad score on exam?

Did you know that many lawyers do not even get paid as much as they used to?  

Did you know that the medium income converges to about $125k to $150k  per year... and regardless who you are.. in what profession you are... it's almost impossible to break that income barrier simply by working as a lawyer? (on avg terms speaking)

Did you know that other professions are in similar situation? 

Where it's tough for folks to make money and many other professions do not even go through extensive schooling by going to law school for example and passing LSAT and instead have a lot less schooling to go through and stil get relatively close pay to what the typical starting out lawyers get?

Did you know that even after you do continue working hard as a lawyer it's tough to really make it into top high percentage of lawyers who make good money?

Have you considered any of this before taking LSAT?

Have you reviewed what the market looks like before you become a lawyer and whether or not it makes sense for you to dive into it?

Have you read Rome Wells Free book that talks about jobs.. and ensuring that you will land a job before you become a lawyer after you go through all the schooling?

The book that Rome Wells wrote for you free of charge... with over 400 pages free of content... to help you prevent mistake of your life...  by diving into something that perhaps maybe you shouldn't?

Note... what you should or should not do depends on the individual... and not all advice to eveyone is equal... however...

As the educational advocate of the 21st century I can tell you with high degree of confidence that if the demand on lawyers is low in a particular specialization.. then no point of picking specialization that won't pay you much.

Obviously supply and demand changs as time moves forward... but one pattern that I Rome Wells observed... that constantly exists throughout time... is... economic cycle... 

The economic cycle that is expressed on the graph sort of line a sine wave.. that keeps going up and down... up and down... 

I have managed to figure out one field that actually least riskiest to dive into regardless in which economic time we are in... and that field is... before i reveal that field to you...

Consider asking yourself a question... how serious are you in getting out of rat's race?

How serious are you in reaching your financial freedom goal?

Perhaps you took LSAT got a great score and got into great law school.. but you are still limited by avg top converged median income... 

It can feel frustrating to see other people who didn't go through so much schooling as you did making twice as much as you... after starting out your first law job...

It can feel that everything is going in the wrong direction... 

It can feel that you have waisted your educational effort and money and was lied to... 

Even though Rome Wells was telling you to in the free ebook... shown here  what to do before diving into law field...


However, there is no point of me telling you I was right... since for some decision of attending law school was the best decision of their life...

Yet I Rome Wells tell you that the entire concept of having a full time job... and working for the rest of our lives is something infused into our brains from early age... by government and society.

The reason for that is because it's in the interest of large corporations to have you continuously working for the rest of your life... without being the rebbel... 

Now... what is a rebbel... in simple terms... the person who lives free... someone who respects otehrs but has his/her own freedom.

Did you know that you can also be a rebbel and be financially free? 

One way to become a rebbel and reach your financial freedom goal even after you let's say finishing LSAT exam and getting good score... and even after you getting into law school... is to simply ... begin planning ... begin making plans for how to get out of rat's race.

The best part about getting out of rat's race is flexibility to plan ahead of time.... while you are still in law school or even if you decided to get out of law school after reading my book and realized there is not enough jobs in specific specialization of law that you was trying to get into..

With all that being said... regardless what your situation was, whether you got a low LSAT score or perhaps did get a great LSAT score and decided not to dive into the law field and do something else... then my next advice what i am about to show you next is for you.

I am about to reveal to you secret field.. that will help you get out of rat's race... just like I helped you pass LSAT, and just liked I helped thousands of folks to get into better law schools by picking proper study materials, tutors and guiding them in the right path... similarly I will guide you and show you how to get towards financial freedom and get out of rat's race in 3 to 5 years.

So now the question is... what on earth type of field am I talking about... You ready for this?

The field is... Commercial Real Estate... the field that can help you become free and make more money then being a lawyer...  or better what... since you are already on your pathway of becoming a lawyer... why not get your self closer to the financial freedom goal, by combining the world of commercial real estate... and your law expertise.. and pick specialization in commercial real estate law, securities exchange etc... something relevant to commercial real estate.

Now you may say well why on earth would I chose specialization in commercial real estate?  The reason why is because that is the field that makes money.  This is the field that you want to be in, because that is the field that makes most sense  from the standpoing of offering multiple dimensions level of investment opportunities vs anything that I Rome Wells have ever seen in my life.

Most of my life i spent helping folks become certified and become educations, and guided them in their careers..  Over the years after helping many folks become lawyers, IT Engineer,s certified teachers, project managers, etc.. i decided to help folks get out of rat's race.

You may of course say... Rome Wells how on earth can you tell others how to get out of rat's race... if you haven't done so your self... and why are you telling me to get into law specialization that has to do with commercial real estate?

Indeed, I have not got out of rat's race... which is precisely the reason why I created this brand new network that helps folks get out of rat's race by pulling all of the usefull resources to help you get out of rat's race by tapping into the magical field of commercial real estate...

Here is the link of this network that shows you how to dive into commercial real estate even if you do not have much money, you can still take preparation steps towards your financial freedom goal... 

The secret is.. you must actually take action and listen to what I am saying... and what I am saying is... I spent 10 years not doing commercial real estate and not knowing anything about it... but.. .in January 1st 2018...

I decided to change my life by reverse engineering the entire field to see what the whole fuss is about.. and why there is a lot of folks out there that became rich from bewin real estate landlords and how on earth does it work... and why do i have to work so hard.. and be so much educated.. yet not be wealthy as others.

I realized that the reason why I wasn't wealthy was simply because i was focusing my energy around the wrong things... (that is not to say that i regret helping thousands of people to become lawyers, IT project managers, teachers, IT engineers, nurses etc...)

I would like for you to spend your energy on meaningfull things... and that is the reason why i am sharing this article with you.  The things that can make you wealthy.  

It's just what I realized that there is a lot more money in doing other things... in life vs focusing energy on things that are not as well appreciated in context of education for example or law... in my own financial freedom goal and the desire to get out of rat's race.

Which is precisely why I started diving in deep into the field of commercial real estate and started taking small actionable steps.. towards financial freedom goal.

In my journey  i show folks in my own facebook group... how to get out of rat's race.. even if you are a lawyer... or not a lawyer...

I show folks how to dive into commercial real estate...  I show it based on my daily journey action... I document it all and share with others in the closed facebook group... secrets that can help you make money passively in commercial real estate... or passively/actively but without not having to work your ass off all day as a lawyer... 

I show also ways how you can still continue working as the full time lawyer and gradually transition your self into the field of commercial real estate and what preparation steps you can take, while you are working during your full time job... and how you can do both... working at full time job and dive into commercial real estate investment/ownership world.

Now you may say.. wow ... I don't have any money for commercial real estate property... yes... but you will... while working at your full time job... and you will learn the trade secrets that I will show you that will help you generate wealth..  

Now the thing is... your concern is... well Rome Wells I don't buy it.. how can you jump from being 21st century educational advocate to wealth geenration adviser even if you did not succeed in generating considerable amount of wealth your self?

The reason why I can tell you how to generate wealth, is because I have expertise in gathering information very quickly and place this information into my brain, analyze it and then simply hand it out to you in the platter all free of charge in my facebook group....

I have developed the skill over the years for how to relay information quickly .. by divingi into multiple mindsets and extracting secrets from different professions and quickly processing all of the information in my brain.

This is how i managed to create search engines that have over 10000 teachers registered on my sites.  I may not be wealthy, but I can certainly relay information to help folks become wealthy...   Remember the saying... "These who can't do teach?"  I categorize myself into one of such categories... 

Besides successfull folks don't have much time to teach... in many cases they just arrived to their success and don't really share much of such success from educational standpoint... while I Rome Wells... look at many folks who succeeded and analyze their success and relay it all out to you free of charge... so this way your brain gets infused with lots of information that can help you become wealthy..

Plus it's better to watch someone who is attempting to become wealthy vs only watching successfull folks who already became wealthy... 

In fact you must do both.. watch folks who are going through the journey of attempting to become wealthy and watch successfull folks...

To get started to see how Rome Wells is going thorugh his journey of getting out of rat's race by using commercial real estate... and do the same... visit








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