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GRE Exam Test Prep For Students on the Go

how to to prepare for GRE on the go
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How to Tackle your GRE exam

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Brief Intro:  Hi My name is Rome Wells, and if I contacted you and you are on this page, feel free to respond back and say Hi or feel free to ask me if there is any coupons available for this course, and if there is I will let you know, you can also ask me for GRE test preparation advice, while you are at it. I help students do better on GRE, own Test Prep Tutoring company in NY, NJ and CT here it is and simply know what helps students prepare, for their exam, and what doesn't..  My company's social media site is, I am former certified grade 7-12 math teacher for the state of CT and here is my course review and evaluation.  Also in case if you are looking for affordable math tutor don't hesitate to go there to get your first lesson for $15, then work direct or get agency managed GRE tutor for higher chance in getting higher quality tutor (but at more expensive fee)  Info provided on


This course is different from competitors, because it provides highly mobile friendly interface.  Often you find on the internet many sites that simply do not support mobile, or not so mobile friendly, this course, provides mobile friendly capability and makes it easy for students to study on the go, especially if you are not used to studying from the static book.  I describe multiple GRE resources that can help students prepare for this exam, but this particular resource, seem to be very unique from the perspective of community based learning experience and from the community sense of learning experience.

Before you consider checking out further details about this course consider the following factors

Note before you check out more details about this course, remember there are many factors when preparing for your GRE exam. First factor is affordability, 2nd factor is effectiviness and 3rd factor whether you even need to take GRE test or not.  After all in some cases GRE exam is not even needed to be taken, and can be substituted by other type of exams. 

However assuming that you are here to prepare for GRE and know 100% that you need to take your GRE test and consulted your school admission advisors, then you have already ruled out one of these factors.  The remaining factor standing is, well... whether or not you should consider using this course or prepare for your exam any other way.

What makes this course great?


1. It's very simple,

Iit's extremely easy on your eyes, not too many bells and whistles, and very easy and intuitive interface to follow, placing you right into your test preparation journey, without having to go through to many setups.

2.  It's extremely mobile friendly.

Use IPAD, or other mobile devices to navigate throught he course.

3.   It provides great value

You get a lot of GRE test prep functionality and tools with this course and it's not too expensive.  Are GRE books less expensive?  Yes, however this is not a book, it provides a community user experience, for students who do not like to feel like they are studying on their own.

4.   It still fairly affordable in comparision to local or online tutoring

Although this course doesn't provide local tutoring (if it did it would have been a killer combination), it still makes a good study resource without you having to really spend as much money as you would spend for a local tutor or even online tutor.

In case if you want to know how much actual tutor costs, then feel free check out sister site and see how much typical math or english subject matter expert costs, then ask your self this question, am i getting more affordable level of educaiton or not.  (that is not to say that you should not consider studying with the tutor + this course, in cat you can supplement your self guided sessions and reinforce it with the help of an independent tutor)

5. Great Videos with good lectures

It provides replayable videos, that you can watch on your own free time and simply makes it easy for you to understand GRE concepts.

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Money Saving Tip From Rome Wells

Note there are not many high quality GRE courses out there on the market, but this one happens to be high quality and still affordable for many students.  Note in certain cases test prep vendors offer us promotional coupons, that can help you save money, if you happen to be contacted by Rome Wells, direct, don't hesitate to ask Rome Wells if he can hook you up with some discount coupons.  

Note coupons are not always available, and only during promotional periods, but nevertheless, when they are available they can help you save money. Rome Wells is all about helping students save money hence be sure to respond back to Rome Wells and ask if they are available, also don't hesitate to check out other exams that are similar to GRE for example, GMAT, and see my reviews, and product info. 

Test Prep companies like working with Rome Wells, and often extend discount coupons during promotional periods directly to Rome Wells.  Hence don't hesitate to ask, or contact us from the contact form at the bottom of this page, or respond back to Rome Wells if he contacted you.

Also one more tip if you want to avoid middle man and skip tutoring recurring agency recurring fees, and save a lot of money on your tutoring expenses for GER exam then do check out site

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