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FTCE Preschool Education Birth-Age 4 Test

FTCE Preschool Education Birth

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FTCE Florida Preschool Education (Birth-Age 4) Examination Information

Preschool Education is a very crucial part in young students’ lives as most children have to encounter this stage. This scholastic level is usually the first time for the children to explore an entirely new environment other than their homes. To establish the so-called “second home” in the minds of the young students, the teachers must also be prepared to welcome their students with a pleasing yet enduring personality. To test such educators’ capabilities, the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) conducts the FTCE Preschool Education Exam wherein educators are granted certifications that allow them to officially practice in the state.

Applicants may choose between a professional and a temporary certification. Professional certifications expire after five academic years but can be renewed. Temporary certifications, however, are non-renewable after a period of three years. To continue, educators then must apply for a professional certification. Both certifications have different eligibility criteria provided by the board. 

Eligibility Requirements for FTCE Florida Preschool Education Exam

To be eligible to take the FTCE Preschool Education Exam, applicants should meet certain requirements unique to each certification. For both certifications, educators must first have a bachelor degree. For professional certification, a master degree in the subject is required. For temporary certification, candidates need to have a 2.5 GPA in the subject. 

As the teaching position requires interaction with children, applicants must submit fingerprint reports to the board to confirm any criminal past. Only after submitting these files will the board allow the applicant permission to take the exam and grant the educator the certification.

Examination Format of FTCE Preschool Education Test

The FTCE Preschool Education Exam covers topics which are crucial for child growth and development. As it is very important for the teaching position, examinees should likely focus on these topics:

•  Child development

•  Foundations of early childhood standards

•  Trends in child development

•  Diversity in linguistic and cultural field

•  Stimulating positive behavior in children

•  Maintaining physical health and social health

The FTCE Preschool Education Exam contains 120 multiple choice question that is to be completed in 150 minutes. The exam presents questions in the following formats:

•  Completing the sentence

•  Direct questioning query

•  Situation analysis

•  Commanding query

•  Analyzing the data

Examinees should allot more time in studying and prepare their minds to avoid pressure. As the time given allows more time to think, examinees should relax and avoid time pressure. To greatly improve the performance, it is highly recommended to invest in a well-made study guide geared toward this particular exam to be able to score well and possibly ace the test in the first try. 

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