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FTCE English 6-12 Examination

FTCE English 6-12 Examination

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What is FTCE Florida English 6-12 Examination?

The English language is one of the most used languages in the world and while English is commonly used in Florida, the subject still needs to be taught with utter care and accuracy. The language is more complex as it seems and thus educators yearning to teach English in the state must be knowledgeable in these fields. The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) conducts the Florida Teacher Certification Examination in English to prove educators’ efficiency. Candidates who pass the exam are given certification from the FLDOE board to become a certified educator.

THE FLDOE offers two certifications: temporary certification, which is valid for three academic years; and professional certification which is valid for five academic years. Only a professional certification may be renewed. Other than that, educators with a temporary certification must apply for professional certification after it expires.

Qualifications Needed In Taking your FTCE Florida English Examination

To appear for the FTCE English Exam, candidate needs to fulfil all the eligibility conditions listed by the board. Candidates applying for a temporary certification need to have a bachelor degree and a 2.5 GPA in the subject. Candidates applying for a professional certification need to have a specialization in English in addition to a bachelor degree. For both certifications, candidates must submit fingerprint reports to the board. Grant of certification is only available after the fingerprint reports are duly processed.

FTCE Florida English Test Syllabus

The FTCE English Exam covers all the vital topics that are to be taught to students. Candidates should run through these topics to be able pass the exam. Syllabus of FTCE English Exam is the following:

•  English language for writing

•  English language for reading

•  Constructing vocabulary

•  English language literature

•  English language literacy

•  English language poetry, prose etc.

The FTCE English Exam includes 85 multiple choice questions. FTCE English Exam includes essay writing also for which candidate will get 60 minutes to complete it. Candidate will get 90 minutes for attempting the multiple choice questions. These questions are designed in different formats like:-

•  Direct questioning

•  Completing the sentence

•  Situation analysis

•  Analysis

•  Commanding query

Candidates should practice for the FTCE English Exam before taking the actual test. It is recommended to consult a well-prepared and specific study guide to be able to pass the test on the first try.

Alternative Help from the Experts

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