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Note it's not 100% detailed. To view complete details click here to check out the actual vendor site and read even more details about alpha score.  Note from time to time we will be offering coupons as well to LSAT test takers, helping you guys save some money on your educational expenses.  Be sure to visit our we will be placing our coupons on our LSAT google + page however if you don't see any coupons there be sure to send us contact request from the bottom of this site, and we can initiate conversation with actual vendors to see if they can provide Tutoring Services, LLC with the discount coupon.  Some times there are promotional periods when companies hand them out to their partners. 

How our company can offer coupons in some cases for LSAT students and reasons why LSAT test prep vendors sometimes give us these coupons.


Test Prep Vendors like affiliating with with Tutoring Services, LLC because that is how students find them in many of the cases, and as a reward often we get notified when there are coupons available.  Plus coupons are often use as a promotional method to increase sales, by company companies, it's no secret that coupons really do exist and can help you save money. 


In fact I my self.... never believed much in coupons until I started realizing that coupons truly do save you money if you are detailed reader and often companies may give coupons just to meet their monthly quota. So why do companies give us coupons from time to time? 


One of the reasons why is because of LSAT test prep vendors competition, some companies attract students by offering cheaper deals, and other companies often fight back and provide better deals, but yet there is no central place where you actually know about all these deals, they are sort of scattered all over the internet with you simply guessing, if you are getting the best deal or not. We can be your central study guide resource research company.   In some cases companies can give better coupons to other companies, as strange as it may sound... which means you can get more savings out of your LSAT test prep studies. 

LSAT test prep companies like us.


LSAT test prep Vendors like that because, we provide honest reputation for them and, reputation means a lot to them, as a token of their reward sometimes they hand us out discount coupons especially during holidays or promotional periods.  Plus our company actually does provide tutor match making for LSAT students and tutors locally in CT and NY and NJ meaning if for example our tutors are too expensive for local students we often provide them alterative method to prepare for their LSAT exam such as with the help of the very same resources you see on this site, and  we even have national site for LSAT tutors. Where we make references to LSAT test prep materials for students to see.


In simple words we have a network of sites, that other LSAT advertising companies simply not in the condition to build.  In fact entire network was based on actual technical network in case if you are wondering it was literally built by NetworkConsultant.NET specializing it IT networks, but got carried over and extended into educational network for lawyers, Accountants, Teachers, Doctors, Project Managers, as strangely as it may sounds.

LSAT test Prep companies trust us


Hence LSAT Test Prep vendors recognize benefits Tutoring Services, LLC offers, and sometimes do give us us good deals for coupons, that typically LSAT students would not find on Groupon or anywhere in many cases, because we specifcally craft affiliate relationships with LSAT companies, relationships that other affiliate companies simply can't offer, simply because they do not have much incentives to offer to such test prep vendor companies.


Take a look at our FREE LSAT study guide that we released specifically for test prep LSAT companies to see what we offer to many LSAT test prep companies who do decide to ask for help from us getting marketed or be found on the internet, and why LSAT test prep companies like to work with us.  

So what does it mean? 


        It means whenever we get notified of any coupons, we can also notify you, or if let's say you really want a coupon, but can't find it anywhere then we can help you get it, but it truly depends on the vendor, so if you need a coupon and don't see one anywhere, don't hesitate to contact us and ask Tutoring Services, LLC if we can hook you up with some discount coupons helping you save money, just be sure to let us know which LSAT vendor you decided to study with from contact form at bottom of the page or our google plus page.   Anyway enough about coupons, here is the detailed Alpha score info.


Anyway let's dive into AlphaScore and what's in it


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This is not a bad a deal at all, you can leverage that for your initial studies, and then dive into any additional study reinforcement for specific LSAT sections from other vendors.

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