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So what does all of this mean about the book, and what is the main value here?


This means you are getting info from a network consulting Ninja, who is a consultant across all levels of Software Defined Networking field, cloud, IT security, IT solutions, marketing, field, project management, coding, IT Automation, Education, mathematics.  Heck Rome Wells is even a breakdancer! 

So many killer skills how do you keep them all?  Discover secrets of learning and transitionint in your field from Rome Wells.  The book will show you not just how to transition, but to how possibly even make a living reusing some of the concepts that I show in this book.  You can become an American Network SDN Consulting Ninja, and be super hero in the eyes of your C-Level Execs, helping them transition their company in the world of Software Defined Networking  while looking like a super hero, and who knows in the process of it all you may even be able to make some part time income teach others, figure out what certification to prepare for next and learn how to become Network Consulting Ninja!

Rome Wells intercombined, both education, IT consulting, cloud concepts, IT security, and transitioning into new field into one book, showing IT Network Engineers and Project Managers how to learn new things and obtain core Software Defined Networking specialization while simultaneously becoming IT Generalist to reduce their chances of getting outsourced and still having an upper edge over other new comers!

Note simply watching a video of me talking won't be as effective as digging deep inside of every text line, this is why I don't even include video along with this book yet.  Rome Wells is not just a great marketer, he really is an actual former network engineer (and sort of still is) and knows a lot about IT Network Engineering, so don't just buy some book about SDN and cloud from a company who only deliver one view about SDN with no guidance of what it actually means.  Instead get motivated!   Let me supercharge you with passion and motivation to learn new things and crush the competition!

Learn new things and become IT Generalist with specialization in SDN and if in couple of years SDN will just slowlly dissipate, guess what you won't really care much about it, since you studied not just strictly boring SDN concepts, but learned how to actually learn new concepts, become more then JUST SDN specialized, and obtain these IT Generalist skill sets everyone is talking about while leaving your competitors in the dust!

The outcome of this book can be extremely unpredictable, you may either end up really going into different field not related to Network Engineering what so ever or slightly modify your skill set to become more competitive to increase your network engineering skill set.  Or simply become a marketer, trainer or IT Project Manager or IT generalist.  IT all depends where the motivation will take you. 

Some people tell me it can become number 1 Best Seller, however my intent is not to be the Best Seller, my intent is to simply help your poor soul who dedicated your life working for companies doing Network Engineering just to find out that you are getting slowly extinct, and help you transition into new field with less pain. 

My additional goal is to help IT Project Managers who haven't found themselves yet and seeking specialization in cloud and Software Defined Networking field and want to supercharge their skill set of becoming IT Generalist with specialization in Software Defined Networking, Cloud and IoT.  Plus my additional goal is to help IT Network Engineers realize what they need to study next for SDN Cloud oriented and IT solutions field without really overdoing too much studying in the wrong directions. 

For many network engineers outsourcing, automation is a very sensitive topic, think of me as your guide to help you get through it, a guide that pulls multiple heads and pieces of knowledge together from not just traditional IT Engineering sector,  but from other industry sectors. 

Find out how Buy This Book Today Contact for more info.  Note the book is not out, if you would like to be in the waiting list, send us your email.