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CISSP BootCamp Self Paced Course

cissp boot camp course self paced on demand
Cyber Security
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The Most Effective On-Demand
CISSP Course Available

  • On-demand CISSP course to prepare and pass your CISSP Exam
  • Self-paced video lessons developed and taught by Shon Harris
  • Comprehensive CISSP study and reference guide included
  • Includes 32 CPE hours and course certificate!
  • 180-Day Access for Only $699.00   Save $200.00 Now


CISSP Certification Bootcamp
On-Demand Course Now $499.00 

Flexible course access from your web browser.

This On-Demand CISSP Bootcamp course is designed to comprehensively prepare students for the CISSP exam using full motion video training. Access intensive, self-paced course lessons without limitation, from any computer with a web browser. Our CISSP training program covers all aspects of the CISSP CBK Domains.Includes 35+ hours of interactive course lessons, full CISSP study guide, CISSP chapter quizzes, and more. 

CPE Credits Included with Course

Includes 32 CPE Credits from (ISC)² and course certificate 

Course Instructors

Shon Harris, CISSP
David R. Miller, CISSP, CEH


Registration Cost - $699.00 (USD)
Save $200.00
Now $499.00 (USD) with 180-day access


Check out Student Testimonials who passed CISSP exam!

Testimonial from UK Student!

"I passed the CISSP exam which I gave on 9th October and also have completed my endorsement as a CISSP. The training quality was very good. Keep up the good work. I would recommend this product to anyone who aspires for CISSP."

Nina Vara, CISSP
United Kingdom

Testimonial from Boston MA Student!

"If you utilize this training course you will have the ability to apply your already learned knowledge to the real exam very well. The CISSP is a very hard exam which has a broad range of questions and very tricky wording. CISSP exam prep provides an important tool which helped me pass the CISSP on the first try."

Bobby Nasham, CISSP - Information Security Engineer
Boston, MA

and many others

What exactlly is included in the bootcamp?

Clarification from Rome Wells - and his thought process

35 hours of interactive lessons on demand!  

Wow that is a sweet deal! It's not just videos, it's interactive videos making learning more engaging, and best part about it you can complete them at your own pace.  Simply studying from just practice questions is often not good enough, this CISSP bootcamp packages it all up neatly, making you less think about what you should study and delivering to you exactly what you need to study.

CISSP Study Supplementary Study Guide

Clarification from Rome Wells

Wow that's is definitely a good deal, to throw in the mix study guide and the course... Did you know that creating study guide costs so much money?  These guys are giving it away practically with the course.   Often it's necessary to viwe summary of eaahc session in a quick and consise way without having to read entire book.  This study guide makes each course session points clear and concise!  Great value!


CISSP Chapter Quizzes!

Clarification and study tip from Rome Wells and motiviational speech

Now not every educational Cyber Security vendor out there offers both study guides, videos and quizzes!  In fact our company Tutoring Services, LLC doesn't even off that!  We offer for example study guides and practice tests, but not the crazy inter-combination of powerfull study resources that you see here, neatly intercombined in one bootcamp with 35 hours of videos and practice reinforement questions... hence is the reason why it's called bootcamp!

Great part about it is that the makers of this BootCamp reinforce each CISSP topics with exercises. This is definitely a plus!  When I create study guides for my students I always make sure that the concepts that described in theory section are reinforced.  

Reference Tip form Rome Wells

In case you want to see Rome Wells insane types of study guides that he creates and markets... you can check it out they are not in CISSP, but essentially in something else, either very related to CISSP for example SDN or not related to CISSP mathematics or marketing....these are just few examples, of study guide creations from Tutoring Services, LLC... Hence we know what we look for. In simple words we simply know what is best and what is not best.

In fact entire BootCamp somewhat resambles our company Diagnostic Study System study guide... of course our system is a bit different but, I am seeing lots of similarities.  This tells me that their level of thinking is in the direction of providing high quality education for Information Security Professionals., which is one of the reasons why I am showing you this test prep vendor.       

Another plus sign is that you can even reinforce your self more with additional set of CISSP Exam system practice questions.  Studying from interactive mielstones is great, but adding in the mix actual CISSP exam practice questions for which youc an get discount is even greater! Why?

 Reason is simple, when you finished through the milestones and reinforcement exervices you sort of want to take some sort of mock up test, that can show you how ready you are in all of the domain areas, after all this is going to be your indicator how ready you are!

CISSP Comprehensive killer manual!

Clarification from Rome Wells

Now if reinforcement quizzes and interactive videos with study guides were not enough for you, then you can take advantage of student course manual, that is quiet extensive and massive consisting of 1800 pages manual, that have interactive presetnations, allowing students to quickly access info in electronic format, plus it got the syllabus too.  This is like a nail in the coffin in terms of preparing for your CISSP test.  

Intercombine all of these things together that I described earlier and there you have it folks solidified bootcamp that is ready to propel your level learning effectiviness in the positive direction!   Rome Wells recommend you study from this manual thouroughly and make it your primary source of information.  

Note sometimes reading milestones and watching videos is not enough without first going through the manual, my recommendation is go through the manual first, then when you watch interactive videos you get to enjoy content better and it would be more effective for you!  Also after you become CISSP and pass, do Rome Wells a favor email him and share your lessons learned. Rome Wells like to hear back from students who followed his guidance and even helps some of them succed in their professional endeavors.   


Can this test prep vendor help me prepare for any other exams?

Yes They can also help you prepare for CISA and CISM.   These guys also prepare students for PMP, check out PMP exam section for that.

What is the main benefit studying from this course?

You get to get a certificate, you get to differentiate your self, you get to have everything in one spot without having to purchase random books, or anything like that.  It provides full self paced package.  Plus if you purchase the course and show Rome Wells receipt, he will allow you to register as a non agency managed tutor on helping you make some money teaching other students subjects such as well.. CISSP or math.. or something related to information security.   Additional benefit is... you actually get to improve your self... your career goals, and maximize your chances of landing better job.  

Plus Rome Wells also enrolls agency managed tutors and Cyber Security ethical hackers and consultants all in 1.... so following his advice is propbably a good idea, simply because you never know... you may want to become our agency managed tutor to make extra income.  Creating these connections up front by following his advice especially if down the road you want to create information security content or be a tutor or a consultant is a good idea....  Also check our Cyber Security blog section to see what else Rome Wells offers to students. 

Our company constantly is searching for ethical hackers, cyber security professionals and in one shape or form works with them, either by teaching them or by leveraging them to provide consulting projects or by enrolling them as agency managed tutor or non agency managed tutor.   Not everyone does that.   However what was just descirbed here is my company Tutoring Services, LLC and sub-division of it DBA Binary Fusion.  

What I just describe in this section is different from bootcamp that is presented to you here. However, I am just letting you know the scoop of what is going on and why I am helping you and guiding you.  Reason #1 I want to help you future CISSP and information security expert and reason #2 I obviously want to help Tutoring Services, LLC and any one who uses our company's marketing services or any other services and Reason #3 Cyber Security is exploding at the rapid speed and many companies constantly getting hacked and I want to do something about that, and want to make a difference in this world.

This is why i am creating this review sales page for you, so you get to study for your CISSP exam or any other IT security related or project management exam and increase your qualifications and become IT hero and help America stay safe (or if you are not from America help your country stay safe from Cyber crime)  World needs more people like you.  

Do you know Rome Wells' secret?  Why Rome Wells is widely recognized?  

Reason is simple he knows how to make people feel good about themselves... So when I provide reviews or describe something that make sense for you to consider.... my goal is to motivate you and make you feel good while obviously help America to stay safe from Cyber Crime.   You simply don't see that anywhere in the world.  

What you see instead is companies trying to recruit IT security professionals, and trying to make money out of you without looking out for your needs and without motivating you.  Every time I get request from such companies i quickly delete their emails and notifications, because all I hear is them them them... I do not hear anything about me me me....  Well Tutoring Services, LLC is all about you you you future CISSP and helpin you chose proper career and study path.   

Plus your career path is some what questionable with introduction of cloud and other concepts (if the only thing that you are preparing for is CISSP, you need to have multiple skill sets in your basket of knowledge and multiple certs!  However, CISSP is a great start ), it's sort of important to have some sort of educational advocate who looks out for your needs and guides you, and gives you what the scoop is on the market and shares you methods to get better and help you prepare for your Information Security career so one day you get to become IT Generalist or C-Level Exec.  

Rome Wells went through multiple lifecycles in his career and simply knows how you Information Security Expert feels.  I am not a lawyer, i am not a doctor, i am just a regular fellow who simply knows a lot about different fields and carrying my knowledge to you. (and yes i am also a network consultant, IT information security aspirant, marketer, math tutor, certified teacher for the state of CT, author, and a breakdancer, but that is besides the point... what should be the point is.... you preparing for this test if that is indeed the direction where you career is taking you.) Of course you may also be confused if it is the right fit for you or not...  whatever the case just ask Rome Wells in the chat window below and he will guide you.

Ask easy questions, asking anything insane and long would qualify for guidance and consulting and tutoring lesson and would be charged on tutoring package basis, anything easy and quick to help you make up your mind for which test prep material to chose, or if you have career guidance question, feel free to ask.  

But wait what happens if this course doesn't help me and I still fail?


If that is the case then we recommend you  hire a tutor Visit for more info or ask Rome Wells to help you get matched with one of our agency managed Cyber Security Tutors powered by DBA Binary Fusion.


Am I saying you will fail?  no.... is it possible... yes.. anything is possible... which is why when you are studying each area of CBK make sure you know what it actually means from contextual practical example, and if you are not sure, study more, until you get good scores on your tests (that is you purchase additional tests, which I highly recommend you do)