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CAT ASVAB Exam Info for Math | Verbal | Spatial | Science & Technical Sections

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ASVAB Score Info



Now that you have seen why getting better score does matter, take a look how to read the scores below, also on the side note, one way to improve your chances of getting better ASVAB score, is to practice with study packs, as a supplementary way of improving your knowledge skills.  Click here to check out ASVAB study packs.


How to Read ASVAB Scores

The ASVAB is made up of 10 tests. The results of four of those sub-tests — Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning, and Mathematics Knowledge — are combined to create the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT). The AFQT score is used to determine whether a candidate is eligible to enlist in the military.

AFQT scores range from 1-99 and represent the examinee's percentile. A good ASVAB score is important in securing a position in any military branch.

The following AFQT score chart shows the requirements needed to join a specific military branch:


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ASVAB Verbal Tests Details

The verbal section of the test consists of two sub-tests: Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension.

The Word Knowledge sub-test is basically a vocabulary test consisting of multiple choice questions. There are two kinds of questions on this section. The first type is in the form of synonyms, where you will see a word and will need to pick the closest meaning of the word. For questions in the second type, you will be given a sentence with a word underlined and will need to choose an answer as a replacement.

The Paragraph Comprehension sub-test measures your knowledge of the English language and your critical and analytical skills. You will be given various passages with multiple choice questions. The concepts that the sub-test focuses on are:

  1. Questions referring to particular information given in the paragraph

  2. Deductive questions

  3. Aim of the paragraph

  4. Vocabulary questions



ASVAB Math Tests Information Details

There are two math sub-tests: Arithmetic Reasoning and Math Knowledge.

The math on the ASVAB is split into arithmetic and more advanced algebra and geometry (found in the Mathematics Knowledge section). This section will present relatively simple word problems that require basic arithmetic to solve.

Info about Arithmetic Reasoning

The Arithmetic Reasoning sub-test measures basic concepts of arithmetic, percentages and ratio & proportion, as well as questions on interest and numbers. This includes addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, whole numbers, real numbers, fractions, decimals and imaginary numbers.

Info about Math Knowledge Test

The Mathematics Knowledge test assesses your knowledge of mathematical concepts and applications.

The math in this section is only slightly more challenging than in the Arithmetic section. It covers high school algebra and geometry concepts.



Science & Technical Section Information

The Science & Technical section of the test consists of five sub-tests: General Science, Electronics Information, Auto Information, Shop Information and Mechanical Comprehension.

General Science Info Details

The General Science sub-test evaluates your high school knowledge of science. The subjects that are covered on the test are Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

This section tests your knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics. Questions are based on your knowledge of basic scientific concepts; no advanced calculations are necessary.


Electronic Information

The Electronics Information sub-test assesses your knowledge and understanding of electrical systems, devices, electric circuits, and electricity.

This section is tests your knowledge of electricity: circuits, transistors, and concepts such as resistance and conductivity are frequently asked about. If you do not have much practical familiarity with these concepts, you likely will have to spend some time memorizing some basic electronics information before the exam.

Auto and Shop Information Section  

(Section is split into two parts, but reported as one score)


Auto Information Info

The Auto Information sub-test assesses your knowledge and understanding of systems used in automobiles, transmission, and electrical systems, as well as mechanics used in cars.

Similar to Electronics Information, this tests basic knowledge of how automobiles are designed and operated – knowledge of the different systems in a vehicle and the ability to identify the parts of a vehicle is required.

Shop Information Info

The Shop Information sub-test assesses your knowledge of wood and metal shop practices.

Shop information asks about the utility of specific tools. Both parts often present diagrams and ask you to choose the correct name of a specific tool or part.

Mechanical Comprehension

The Mechanical Comprehension sub-test assess your knowledge and interest in the workings of objects and the principles behind them. It focuses on the mechanics of various objects like cars, pulleys, and levers. This is an extension of Physics and Chemistry.

This section tests practice knowledge of mechanics and basic physics. You may be tested on Newton’s Laws of Motion, simple machines such as pulleys and levers, as well as concepts involving force, power, and hydraulics.

Study Tip Info about ASVAB

Like Electronics Information, and Auto and Shop Information, the information you’re tested on is very specific, so you may need to review these concepts and memorize some basic definitions and formulas.

Detailed Section Info



Spatial Test Section Details and what's on it

The spatial section of the ASVAB has one sub-test: Assembling Objects.

There are two different kinds of questions asked on this test. One type of question presents a series of diagrams which you will have to organize in a particular form. The other type of question consists of figures which have a particular point or points marked on them. You will have to organize the figures so that a straight line can be drawn between the points.


Study Tip for Spatial Test Section

This section is unique to the other sections in that it is purely visual. You will be presented with a picture of several pieces, and must choose the picture that correctly identifies how the pieces would look once assembled together.



Here is few FREE ASVAB Sample Questions Try them and see how well you do?

First try to answer these questions then scroll further down to view answers. To see how weld you did.

1. Studies have shown again and again that birth order strongly influences the person one will eventually become. Oldest children have been shown to be more responsible and perform better in school. Younger children tend to do less well in school and be more free spirited. Cindy is a good example. She graduated on the Dean’s list, and her parents report she always did her chores as a child.

It can be concluded that

A. Cindy was an oldest child.
B. Cindy was a youngest child.
C. There have been no studies done on middle children.
D. Birth order only matters if there are exactly two children.

2 According to the laws of supply and demand, consumers will demand less of a good if the price is higher and more if it is lower. Conversely, suppliers will produce more of a good when the price is higher and less when it is lower.

If a supplier wanted to sell more of a good, they would

A. reduce the supply.
B. reduce the price.
C. raise the price.
D. increase the supply

3. Simply the following expression (2x4y7m2z) * (5x2y3m8)

A. 10x6y9m10z
B. 7x6y10m10z
C. 10x5y10m10z
D. 10x6y10m10z

4. A classroom contains 13 boys and 18 girls. If a student’s name is chosen randomly, what is the probability it will be a girl’s name

A. 36%
B. 42%
C. 58 %
D. 72%


OK next section will be answer, don’t look further down until you answer these 4 questions above.



Ok here are the answers.

  1. A It is reasonable to conclude that the author mentioned Cindy because it would strengthen the argument that birth order affects personality traits. The passage states that oldest children are more responsible and perform better in school. Since Cindy was on the Dean’s list (good academic performance) and did her chores as a child (a sign of responsibility), it is reasonable to assume that Cindy was an oldest child.

  2. B A supplier should reduce the price of a good if they want to sell more of it because, according to the passage, “consumers will demand less of a good if the price is higher and more if it is lower.”

  3. D To simplify this expression, the law of exponents that states that xm * xn = xm+n must be observed.


    Therefore, 10x6y10m10z is the simplified expression.

  4. C First, find the total number of students in the classroom: 13 + 18 = 31 There is an 18 in 31 chance that a name chosen randomly will be a girl’s name. To express this as a percentage, divide 18 by 31, then multiply that number by 100: 18/31 * 100% = 58%

How many questions out of these 4 did you answer correctly?  Do you feel confident in taking you ASAB test?  Here is some resources that can help you be more prepared.

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