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Where Can I sell Study Guides?

"At StudyGuide.NET we are dedicated to provide high quality study guide for educational students, business students, project management students, test prep students and even educators who are in need of preparing for teaching certification test in order to become a certified teacher."

We are currently recruiting affiliate vendors who have a solid high quality study guide product which they are interested in selling online and need exposure in. We are comfortable with Clickbank, and commission junkie methods of affiliation, hence if you have product on either of these sites please contact us to arrange study guide affiliate partnership.

What is Study Guide Affiliate Vendor?

Affiliate Vendor is anyone who has a solid product, distributable either in the form of hard copies or soft copy study guide material, examples .pdf file of the eBook with practice questions and answers for algebra subject for example.

Who is affiliate partner?

Affiliate partner is StudyGuide.NET who is willing to sell your study guide test prep material.

General Study Guide Affiliation Guidelines

  • 1. Highest priority will be given to Affiliate vendors who have the highest quality study guide material that can be in either of the following study guide forms.

    • a) Flash Cards
    • b) eBook
    • c) Video Tutorials
    • d) Courses
    • e) Classes
    • f) Tutors
    • g) Practice Tests with Answers
    • h) Others (dependent on approved circumstances)
  • 2. Second highest priority will be given to affiliate vendors who offer the highest commission rate in comparison to existing affiliate vendors.
  • 3. Third highest priority will be given to affiliate vendors who has a test prep study guide product preparing students for specific test.