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From zero to an IT hero

Discover secret tactics and test preparation advice, recommendations, guides tips and strategies for help you learn concepts of Software Defined Networking, Cloud, IoT, Cyber Security.  Improve your marketability, prepare with the right study guide resources.  

Become IT Networking Ninja, cloud professional, and IT super hero, from zero to a hero with the help of our test preparation materials and certification study guides and practice tests and Rome Wells test preparation advice.  

Reviews, Guidance, Tutors, Study Resources, Course, Job Outlook

Get Guidance, get advice, get tutoring, get consulting help, prepare for your interview and discover methods for how you can prepare for your certification exam with the help of Tutoring Services, LLC, Rome Wells and our informational guidance.  

Learn how to prepare for Cyber Security IT field, IoT, SDN and cloud

Get ahead of your competitors, differntiate your self by preparing with the right set of test prep resources, that can help you take control of your career and make you differentiated in the eyes of employers, and learn how not to get extinct in the process of your overall job growth and discover what you need to learn.

Find out where to get help from professionals who already took the certification tests and who can help you prepare for it. Find out how you can be IT hero, and drive your skill in the right direct.  You think just because you know coding you are super star?  Wrong..... there are many careers where coding is to the minimum... and brain is to the maximium... these careers are in Information Technology Information Security sectors, cloud, SDN and IoT.  

Some IT jobs are more code intensive than others.

Some job roles are coding intensive, and some or not, but your goal is gradually grow within your career and not be a monkey that does the coding and being told what to do, but learn how to gain intelligence learn how to discover patterns and tell others what to do.  To get to that level, you need to grow through multiple career stages.  

Whether you are in the starting days of your IT career or already in mid career or Senior level,  Rome Wells has strategies for you.

Many students asked Rome Wells, what is the ultimate career in IT?

Rome Wells Response.....IT Generalist

Learn how to become one too!  But wait is it better than lawyer, or a doctor, or a teacher?  Yes providing that you like what you do and many cases IT Generalists get paid more than... any other professionals on the modern day market (within exception of brokers), another word for IT Generalist at the later stages is CIO or CTO.  

For Cyber Security IoT and Cloud Authors

Have a cyber security book or IoT or Cloud book?  Want other students find your book?  View our marketing options here  (we provide variety of methods for your book to be marketed on our network)  



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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Study Guide Type: E-course
For Cyber Security Students Prepare for your Cyber Security and Information security career, with the help of Tutoring Services, LLC Also check out how one company Tutoring Services, LLC is bridging the gap between information technology field and the field of accounting, and how it proposes solution...

Wireless Technology Training and Education

Study Guide Type: wireless-software
Prepare for your wireless certifications, learn how to operate air waves, become wireless RF networking ninja.
software defined networking

Software Defined Networking

Study Guide Type: ebook
Software Defined Networking training and information for how to become SDN expert.

IoT in the world of IT

Exam Code: iot

IoT here

software defined neworking

Software Defined Networks: A Comprehensive Approach

Exam Code: sdn
Study Guide Type: ebook

Discover Software Defined Network e-books found on this very same site.  Study with the resources shown below.




CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Exam Code: cissp
Study Guide Type: E-course
What is the CISSP? The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an information security certification that was developed by the International InformationSystems Security Certification Consortium, also known as (ISC)².    What is the starting salary...
wifi consulting secrets


Exam Code: wifi
Study Guide Type: wireless-software
Learn concepts of WIFI and make money So where do I begin?  Begin With Rome Wells advice.   Wait who to hell is Rome Wells?  Find out here Get answers to most common questions such as.. What study materials exist to learn Wireless and RF concepts? Is...
beyond cissp cert and into real estate

CISSP Cert and Beyond

Exam Code: cissp-beyond
Ready to go beyond CISSP? Or perhaps tired of being CISSP certified already? It's true, becoming CISSP cert is a long journey, but what if there was another way to improve your security... and i mean your financial security (not necessarially cyber security)... and get you started to begin thinking...