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Looking to prepare for chemistry mid-term or final exam? Studying hard in high school for your chemistry homework? Trying to prepare for college entrance exam, taking bio-chemistry or general, organic or inorganic chemistry in school or university?

Trying to prepare for chemistry teaching certification test? Attending graduate school or college campus and trying to get into medical school and looking to pass MCAT exam or simply failing chemistry class and not sure where to turn?   Whether you are high school student or college level adult looking to prepare and earn extra college credits or simply need general information about chemistry subject or even if you are looking to purchase chemistry textbook for affordable price we got you covered and you came to the right place.. 

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What is Chemistry consists of and why study this difficult subject?


Chemistry itself has a number of branches:

  • Analytical chemistry seeks to determine the composition of substances.
  • Biochemistry is the study of chemicals found in living things (such as DNA and proteins).
  • Inorganic Chemistry studies substances that do not contain carbon.
  • Organic chemistry studies carbon-based substances. Carbon, as described in more detail in this book, has unique properties that allow it to make complex chemicals, including those of living organisms. An entire field of chemistry is devoted to substances with this element.
  • Physical chemistry is the study of the physical properties of chemicals, which are characteristics that can be measured without changing the composition of the substance.

In college or high school level students typically study the following topics.


Chemical Reactions

   Naming Substances

   Formulas and Numbers


   Chemical equations

   Balancing Equations

   Limiting Reactants and Percent

   Types of chemical reactions

   Energy changes in chemical

   Predicting Chemical Reactions


Compounds and Bonding

    Overview of bonding


   Ionic bonding

   Covalent bonds

   Metallic bonding

   Molecular Shape

   Intermolecular bonds

   Atomic Structure

   History of Atomic Structure

   Subatomic Particles

   Introduction to Quantum Theory

   The Quantum Model

   The Quantum Atom

   Shells and Orbitals

   Filling Electron Shells

   Periodicity and Electron Configurations

   Octet Rule and Exceptions

 Properties of Matter

   Basic Properties of Matter

   Changes in Matter

   Classification of Matter

   Numbers Used to Describe Atoms

Majority of these topics are complex concepts to cover, especially if you are studying on your own. However our site has solution.

We Have variety of Chemistry Study Guides directly available on this site


View our collection of resources that we have compiled specifically for high school and college students looking for help in their chemistry class. On this site you will find reliable resources, which you can review, see which of them can help you study for your test, or prepare for your academic goals.

Chemistry Review Materials Created by Chemistry Experts for Chemistry Students Just Like You

We offer a wide range of affordable and useful chemistry study resources expertly developed especially for you. Our compiled chemistry science subject review materials from different study provider vendors include.

    • Student-friendly Chemistry Lessons
    • Worksheets with Answer Keys & Explanations
    • Homework Help
    • Flash Cards Exam secrets
    • Video Tutorials Covering Major Chemistry Concepts
    • Personal Home Tutors
    • Online Tutors
    • We even have chemistry teacher test preparation resources

Simply browse our site, find your study guide that best suits you, make sure to read info about each study guide before attempting to purchase one.  There are money companies out there that sell study material for k-12 student we placed some of these study materials, on this site to make it easie for students who need help to search for such resources.

Local and Home Tutoring Services for Chemistry Science Students


If you are studying for chemistry and have assignment that you need help with feel free to visit our sister site to search for local or online chemistry tutors.


Used College Textbooks in Chemistry Subject for affordable Price which can be purchased directly from other students on Campus.


Trying to find a study guide?  Or perhaps trying to find a textbook?  We have both study guides and textbooks.  We recommend students to study from both study guides and textbooks, however for students who are lazy and do not like textbooks feel free to study from video courses.  It's true that video courses are highly effective when preparing for exam.  Chemistry is full of equations and really difficult subject since it focuses on many other subjects in one. 

However sometimes students simply assigned specific book to buy for their college Chemistry course.  If you have realized that you need to buy a book.... then why not simply save some cash and purchase it directly from another student on college campus?

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Tutoring Services, LLC created going GREEN Used College Books website helping college students save money on their educational expense by being able to buy academic textbooks in chemistry subject directly from each other, or from the cheapest book stores.  Students can reuse other students books and help save environment and reuse used College Textbooks by purchasing them directly from other students.  Alternatively site allows students to purchase chem books from cheapest bookstores.  

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Trying to prepare for college while still in high school?



    Did you know that you can prepare for college even while you are still in high school and save money on college expenses?  In another words when you go to college you must pay for credits and college credits can be expensive.  However good news is there is this test available in USA called CLEP, it's a neat test since it allows students who are not even yet in college to take Chemistry test and earn college credit, therefore not having to pay for that extra course in college, graduating early, getting prepared for College while still in high school and best of all saving money!  

    Now of course there is an admission fee to take the test, but it's a lot lower then earning Chemistry college credits.  Note a lot of college campuses accept such credit and students who do take advantage of it can help themselves financially or help their parents on paying off these student loans.    For more info about CLEP test feel free to visit our CLEP study guides section. We have variety of learning resources in science and CLEP test prep that can help students prepare for this exam.


Graduate student trying to prepare for MCAT Chemistry exam?


We also have MCAT Chemistry Study Guide resources, that can help students prepare to get into doctors school  and achiever their dream of becomign a health professional.  We have compiled video courses, study guides, flash cards exam secrets and many other peaces of information that can help students in preparing for this admission exam.  We all know that studying for admission exam can be difficult.

Chemistry Homework Help for Middle School High School and College Students


Have tons of Science Homework?  Have paper due can't understand problem on your science homework ? Why not get chemistry homework help assignment assitance, view more info about chemistry homework help.  Alternatively you can browse resources on this page to find related course of your choice that can help you prepare for your exam or test.


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Trying to become certified teacher and need help preparing for Chemistry exam?


Whether you are trying to prepare for Praxis, FTCE, MTEL, MTTC, CSET or any other teaching certification test, we got you covered visit our teaching certification section of our site to view study guide resources for your teaching certification exam.  We even have subject matter experts specializing in teacher test prep who can help educators be prepared for their teaching cert test.


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Then do not hesitate to contact us, online tutors who are shown on our sister site are independent tutors not directly managed by Tutoring Services, LLC, but tutors who work with us directly, through our alternative business model system get to have higher level of flexibility, much better online tools to teach chemistry, way better match making process and in some cases even more affordable than independent tutors.

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Why should I bother getting online or local chemistry tutor when there are such things as self guided study guides?


Good question, the reason for that is because online and local tutoring are different animals.  Obviously there is nothing better then 1-on-1 local tutoring, since it's face to face.  However, in many cases parents who get local tutor are simply not satisfied with the results of their children, where children still get poor grades, this can also be frustrating especially when you are taking college class in your undergrad studies.   So in such cases some parents or students resort to additional online tutoring, or decide to purchase more local tutoring.   Note that some parents even do both local and online, especially in cases where parents can't afford local since it's 2 expensive, but do not mind paying at least 1 per week for at least 1 tutoring session per week, and supplements it with onlne tutoring for more affordable price.   However even in such cases, it may still not be enough. 

To get the highest learning effectiviness, it's recommended to study from multiple sources, not just from local or online tutor, but also from a study guide.  In fact it's much better to study with affordable study guide first, then if you do not understand topics, at that point contact local or online tutor.   In some cases you may not even need online or local tutor in chemistry and may simply be well off with just studying from the study guide.   However self guided materials often miss interaction that you may trully need, interaction with the tutor, flexibility to ask someone a question, flexibility to ask more complex question.  Hence it's a good idea in many cases to do all 3, online, local and study guide.

Note Chemistry Study Guides that you find here are from multiple vendors, some vendors have flash cards, some have video courses, some even created directly by Tutoring Services, LLC, regardless of what vendor you go with, you may or may not need local or online tutoring depending on how far behind you are in chemistry subject

What is the point of this site?


The point here is not to sell you one method of learning, but give students options and methods to learn from multiple resources regardless if it's books, study guides, tutors or types of audience, for students who are confused and not sure what to pick or how to study, and need help, simply contact us to help you decide on which study guide to pick, we can have experts engaged in answering your question.  Not necessarialy chemistry question, but rather question such as what study guide to chose, whether it make sense for you to get online or local tutor, we help CT and NY Tutors with local match making and help any one in USA with online tutoring.  If you do have chemistry specific question, then don't hesitate to contact us to match make you with online chem tutor.

    Many local parents in CT and NY ask us question such as, my son struggling in chemistry, we had previous tutors who tried helping but he still failed.   What can you do differently?  This is where we come in and help such parents understand that there are multiple methods to learn.  Our directly managed tutors can start off students with couple of diagnostic tests to see where students struggle and even work with students where student can be on IPAD or his Microsoft Surface PRO tablet pc in a relaxed atmosphere at home, our tutors can help such students study Chemistry.  

Science can be hard let us help


     We all know that Chemistry subject is very difficult, then why try studying on your own let us help.  Don't spend time attempting to cheat the system or take shortcuts.  Sometimes our tutors even give workshops for specific exams and can help students prepare for these exams, all exams are different, constantly change and tactics for taking them change.  Someone needs to be update to date with these exams, our content developers have reason to be update with these exams, simply because they are involved in earning money from multiple business streams of revenue and are knowledgeble about specific chemistry exams and can create workshops absolutely free to get students to understand expectations about specific chemistry exam and see if it makes sense enrolling into paid workshop.

Chemistry Education Affordability for Local and Online Students


     We often get requests from parents who simply can't afford local or online tutoring and we still help them by recommending them this site, to see if any of the self guided study guide resources in chemistry can help them or referencing them to our sister site where they can find affordable local tutors.  Many parents thank us and love our Tutoring Services and match making services that we provide.

We do not work with many parents only some, due to high quality of service we provide.  Hence if you are an adult, college student or high school student, or parent and need help in your educational endevaours even if it's with college essay prep don't hesitate to contact us we can help.

        Many sites out there simply sell study guides, and simply have business models to only sell study guides, however our company does not see it possible to provide affordable eductional solutions with only focusing on study guides, hence is the reason why you see us offering multiple services.   For more info about our company visit  We have multiple sites, we have multiple services, and we service multiple audiences.  


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