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TamoGraph WIFI Site Survey tool

wifi site survey tool tamograph review
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TamoSoft is the company that created TamoGraph wireless software tool that allows network consultants to conduct site survey using active and passive type of approach or even router on the stick type of method.


When to use this wifi survey software? 

The software can be used for pre-deployment use cases, post deployment, and regular ongoing basis.


Who may need this Wireless Software

  • WLAN and IT administrators
  • Wireless service providers
  • Wi-Fi equipment vendors
  • Network Consultants such as or any other similar types of consulting companies.

 Key Features

  • Simple and fast data collection
  • Passive, active, and predictivie surveys
  • Spectrum Analysis (integratable with WIFI-SPY)
  • Comprehensive WLAN analysis with easy-to-understand visualization of signal level, interference, access point coverage areas, data rates, network issues, etc.
  • Automatic access point location
  • Detailed information about every access point: channel, maximum data rate, vendor, encryption type, etc.
  • Full support of 802.11ac, as well as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n networks
  • GPS (great for outdoor surveys)
  • Dozens of antenna patterns allow you to model APs by major WLAN vendors: Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, Aerohive, Ubiquiti, Meraki, and many others
  • Detailed reporting in PDF and HTML formats
  • Attractive, competitive pricing


Rome Wells Review


TamoSoft offers 2 version of TamoGraph Pro and Standard both versions are relatively inexpensive and a lot more affordable in comparison to other wifi site survey tools.


  • Software can be used to conduct passive site survey and active site survey as well as before deployment site survey, in combination with Spectrum Analysis.
  • However for best use it's best to do wifi site survey seperately from spectrum analysis and not at the same time.
  • Another cool feature I like is the picture taking feature along the path as you walk with the comptuer and use the mouse to click on the map, you can also have the program take picture and even use voice recognition to give software command to do something, such as taking picture.
  • I tested out the software myself, and I can confidently say that it works. They even hook you up with the free throughput test software that helps you measure the throughput vs using simply something like iperf.
  • Although voice recognition is not exactly 100% accurate but still software combines many features together and allows you to see coverage area, noise to interference ration and other useful data that is an absolute must to see.

Training & Support

  • To learn how to use the software you must read the manual, which explains lots of details about specific features and uses cases, however there is lack of video tutorials about how to actually use the software.
  • TamoGraph Support is on point and the sales rep resonds within 48 hours period.


Works with major usb adapters across 2.4 Ghz frequencies and 5.2 Ghz.

Info about the TamoGraph Demo

Demo Version is available but does not generate .pdf,  you must buy the full version to get the full reporting, but at the same time it does give you chance to try out multiple features.

Rome Wells Ratings for this Software

TamoSoft gets A for Affordability


and C for training material availability.

Although TamoGraph gets a C for not having enough video tutorials that explain how to use the software, external training is available from Rome Wells, himself or any of his Binary Fusion consultants.


Binary Fusion Network Consultants can help your system admins gets trained for how to use this TamoGraph software and train your network adminstrators or it staff on how to do the wifi site survey. 

1 on 1 WIFI Site Survey Training


Trainer can provide online tutoring services to your company.

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