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TExMaT Master Reading Teacher Test

TExMaT Master Reading Teacher

Newest TExMaT Master Reading Teacher Test

This Exam consists of 8 sub areas and each of that consists of 90 questions with 80 multiple choice and 10 are pre-test questions. Candidates are singularly assessed by execution in the scored area. Prepare to study all relevant areas for this TExMaT Master Reading Teacher Test which includes:

  • Foundations of Reading Knowledge and Instruction Part I
  • Foundations of Reading Knowledge and Instruction, Part II
  • Principles of Instructional Design, Delivery and Assessment in Reading
  • Reading Instruction and Assessment for Students with Diverse Backgrounds and Needs
  • Roles of the Master Reading Teacher

How to Study for Reading TExMAT 085 Exam

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Why pass TExMAT reading 085 exam?

Reason #1.  To become certified teacher (since tha is one of the requirements)

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