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Praxis II Pre-Kindergarten Education (5531) Examination Syllabus

Praxis II Pre-Kindergarten Education (5531) Examination Syllabus

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Praxis II Pre-kindergarten Education (5531) Examination General Information

The Education Testing Service (ETS) board conducts the Praxis II series in order to certify qualified educators. Certifications granted allow educators to teach in any state they applied for. The Praxis II Series assesses an educator’s skills and capabilities that are needed in teaching the subject. Educators who wish to teach at a prekindergarten institution may take the Praxis II Prekindergarten Education Exam in order to attain the required marks needed to teach in a certain state. The Praxis II Prekindergarten Education Exam challenges the educator’s practical knowledge on the subject area in five different sections.

Eligibility for Praxis II Pre-kindergarten Education (5531) Exam

Aspiring educators should first comply with the eligibility conditions listed by the board in order to be able to take the Praxis II Prekindergarten Education Exam. Applicants are required to have an educational background with a bachelor degree from any state or national university. Applicants must also complete the appropriate coursework for the subject to qualify for the certification and if the applicant should fail in the exam, he/she is given a chance to retake it but only after a period of 30 days.

Format of Praxis II Pre-kindergarten Education (5531) Exam

The Praxis II Economics Exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions and examinees are given 2 hours to attempt the exam. These questions are grouped into five different categories that correspond to a certain teaching approach for prekindergarten students. These categories are: Early Childhood Development; Teaching and Supporting Diverse Children; Creating a Developmentally Appropriate Learning Environment; Teaching and Learning: Instructional Process, Content Knowledge, Assessment; and Professionalism, Family, and Community. The exam may contain test questions that do not count toward the total score.

Syllabus of Praxis II Pre-kindergarten Education (5531) Exam

Listed below is the coverage for the Praxis II Prekindergarten Education Exam. The approximate number of questions and subject weighting is also noted.

Early Childhood Development – 17 questions (17%)

  • Typical progression in each developmental domain of children from age 2 – 5
  • External factors that influence physical, cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Theories of family and community and how they impact child development
  • Major theories of learning connecting to early childhood practice
  • Individual characteristics of a child that influences all domains of development

Teaching and Supporting Diverse Children - 14 questions (14%)

  • Areas of exceptionality
  • Implications of current federal legislation relating to children with exceptionalities
  • Variety of approaches for accommodating children with diverse learning needs
  • Integrating a multicultural and an antibias curriculum into the early childhood environment

Creating a Developmentally Appropriate Learning Environment - 20 questions (20%)

  • Need for displaying critical health and safety information and procedures
  • Creating a literacy-rich environment
  • Importance of health and safety

Teaching and Learning - 25 questions (25%)

  • Role of standards and frameworks in instructional planning
  • Scope and sequence affecting instructional planning
  • Variety of instructional methods that encourage higher-level thinking
  • Techniques to support children’s learning
  • Developmentally appropriate content knowledge in education children from ages 2-5
  • Selecting and using resources and materials to support development across the curriculum
  • Integrating the arts throughout the curriculum
  • Integrating physical health and wellness in the curriculum
  • Formal and informal assessment to inform the instructional process
  • Distinctions among the purposes of the different types of assessments
  • Creating, selecting, and appropriately using a variety of assessments
  • Interpreting assessment results and conveying the meaning of the results to children, parents/caregivers, and school personnel

Professionalism, Family, and Community - 24 questions (24%)

  • Skills needed for respectful and effective communication
  • Major policies related to the rights and responsibilities of teachers and children
  • Ethical responsibilities in a professional context
  • Role of professional development resources
  • Methods for partnering with families in the educational process
  • Ways to partner with the community in the educational process
  • Advocating for children


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