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Praxis II Economics (5911) Examination Description

Praxis II Economics (5911) Examination Description

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Praxis II Economics (5911) Examination General Information

The Education Testing Service (ETS) board conducts the Praxis II series with the goal of appraising qualified educators to teach in any state in the US. The Praxis II Series assesses an educator’s skills and capabilities that are needed in teaching the subject. Educators who wish to teach Economics may take the Praxis II Economics Exam in order to attain the required marks needed to teach in a certain state. The Praxis II Economics Exam challenges the educator’s practical and fundamental knowledge on the subject area in three different sections.

Eligibility for Praxis II Economics (5911) Exam

Aspiring educators should first comply with the eligibility conditions listed by the board in order to be able to take the Praxis II Economics Exam. Applicants are required to have an educational background with a bachelor degree from any state or national university. Applicants must also complete the appropriate coursework for the subject to qualify for the certification and if the applicant should fail in the exam, he/she is given a chance to retake it but only after a period of 30 days.

Format of Praxis II Economics (5911) Exam

The Praxis II Economics Exam is composed of 110 multiple-choice questions and examinees are given 2 hours to attempt the exam. These questions are grouped into three different sections that correspond to a certain subject area regarding Economics: Fundamental Economic Concepts, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics.

 Examinees should remember that not all questions are marked. Use of calculators is not allowed. 

Syllabus of Praxis II Economics (5911) Exam

The Fundamental Economic Concepts section of the exam covers topics such as scarcity, choice, opportunity costs, factors of production, marginal cost, marginal benefits, decision-making, production possibilities curve, absolute advantage and comparative advantage, specialization, interdependence, gains from trade, etc. The topic has an approximate number of 22 questions which makes up 20% of the exam.

•  The Microeconomics section of the exam covers major topics such as supply and demand, product market, factor markets, and government policy and regulation of markets. The topic has an approximate number of 49 questions which makes up 45% of the exam.

•  The Macroeconomics section of the exam covers major topics like economic performance and fluctuations; money and banking and the Federal Reserve System; fiscal and monetary policies; and macroeconomics of the open economy. The topic has an approximate number of 39 questions which makes up 35% of the exam.

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