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All Subject description comes here which is editable from cms-->no subject description manager We should be able to use canonical SEO template for each description, based on specific subject and location. For example, if i want to show description for entire state of connecticut as something common, but at the same time specific to subject and city then i should be able to type this partially dynamically and statically. For example something like this. Below you will find listing of our [subject] tutors in [city] - [state], teaching in [teaching level1] and [teachinglevel2] [teachinglevel3] levels , our private tutors have different levels of qualifications ranging from [qualification1], [qualification2], [qualification3] and speaking many different languages such as [language1], [language2]. Where anything in parenthesis is dynamic and number1 2 3 for each variable would represent what's in a tutor listing page in the order that the tutors show up. Now, this way at least our description will be closely related to what's on the website. How come this is not done yet? I only see this whole SEO portion partially done, using manual override with no templates. I may decide to use one set of words for all the cities in the state of connecticut, but other set of words in a different state, to achieve different results.
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