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ParaProfessional Assessment Math Reading Writing 1755 Exam Info


ParaPro Teaching Assessment Math Reading | Writing Test 1755 Info




  • A detailed overview of the exam and what you need to know for the Praxis II ParaPro Test Prep 1755 test, so that you know exactly what to expect on your exam
  • Variety of test prep resources in the form of video courses, exam secrets, flash cards and other study materials
  • Discover Test tips and strategies to help you score higher on for the ParaPro assessment

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What to expect on ParaPro  Assessment Math | Reading & Writing Test

The ParaPro exam, developed by ETS, measures the skills of reading, writing, and math for paraprofessionals. Passing the ParaPro Assessment is required for anyone wanting to instruct children in the classroom. You will have 2.5 hours to complete all sections of the test of which there are a total of 90 questions.

Those sections are:


  • 30 Questions: Tests knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and usage.


  • 30 Questions: Tests knowledge of math (pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, etc.)


  • 30 Questions: Tests reading comprehension through questions over multiple passages.

Paraprofessional Exam Scoring

The makers of the test do not set a qualifying or passing score. Instead, each state or district sets their own requirements for minimum standards.

About ParaPro Assessment 1755 StudyGuide.NET Test Preparation Resources

Our professional research team, knows how teachers think and learn, and have compiled specifically variety of test prep resources and ParaPro study guide based on our academic research, to help future educators prepare for their exam the easiest way possible and in the most effective way..

On this site you will find.

  • Test Prep secrets helping educators discover test prep tactics
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Stuck on your  ParaPro 1755 Math or Reading or Writing section?


If you are stuck in math or reading or writing section don't hestitate to ask for help from local or online tutors specializing inath, reading and writing sections.


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