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OSAT Marketing Education (041) Secrets Exam Prep Guide

OSAT Marketing Education
Oklahoma Subject Area Tests
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Best OSAT Marketing Education Exam Prep

Marketing, in the simplest context, pertains to delivering service to customers that may result in customer satisfaction. There are several principles to learn in order to achieve a greater understanding about marketing education. 

In order to be a professional of this subject, one must give emphasis on how every business works, what consumers needs and how to supply the needs to the consumers. Before continuing further into the business and marketing world, one should be able to pass the OSAT Marketing Education exam set by the CEOE.

The exam is made of 100 selected-response questions and one must get 240 points in order to pass it. Thus, the only way to pass the examination is by rigid studying. And in every studying period, it is imperative to have effective resources to assist you in times like this.

Study Effectively for the OSAT Marketing Education Test with the Best Tools

What resource could be more helpful than the OSAT Marketing Education Test Secrets Study Guide as well as the OSAT Marketing Education Flashcard Study System?

The OSAT Marketing Education Test Secrets Study Guide and the OSAT Marketing Education Flashcard Study System are carefully designed by professionals for students who aim to become a certified teacher of marketing. This test guide includes tips and tricks on how to prepare one's mind for the exam, a comprehensive series of sample questions to help hone analytical and constructive thinking and much more.

This OSAT study guide contains the following chapters, all of which are relevant to the exam:

Marketing Principles


  • Fundamental concepts, functions and goals of marketing
  • Market research functions, characteristics and procedures
  • Marketing strategies in business
  • Principles of product planning, service planning and price planning
  • Channels of distribution in marketing

Sales, Promotions and Merchandise Control


  • Consumer buying decisions  and principles related to sale
  • Customer relations and service
  • Product and service promotions
  • Promotional media and principles of design as applied to promotional activities
  • Merchandising (Shipping and receiving, inventory control and purchasing)
  • Security and Safety precautions in the marketing environment

Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship


  • Principles and application of macroeconomics and microeconomics
  • Structure, organization and management of business
  • Entrepreneurship, Finance and Credit, Human Resource Management
  • Laws affecting marketing activities

Employment, Communication and Problem-Solving Skills


  • Seeking and maintaining employment
  • Human relations and leadership skills
  • Business communication skills
  • Mathematical principles and skills in solving problems in the marketing contexts
  • Computer technology, information processing systems and telecommunication
  • Role of student organization and school partnerships with business and industry in marketing education

Introducing the OSAT Marketing Education (041) Flashcard Study System

The OSAT Marketing Education Flashcard Study System on the other hand has a collection of concepts which can be used to help sharpen one’s own memory. It includes in-depth explanations on the back of each card in an easy to understand, straightforward style.

If Marketing Education is the path you see yourself heading towards in the future, then nothing should be on your way to achieve it. Grab a copy of the study guide; throw in the flashcard study system as well so you are ready to take the high road in becoming a successful certified teacher in the Marketing Education field.