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OSAT Library-Media Specialist (038) Secrets Exam Prep Guide

OSAT Library-Media Specialist
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Excellent OSAT Library-Media Specialist Exam Prep  

A school library-media specialist also known as teacher librarian must be fully and readily prepared for an extensive diversity of leadership roles in the learning environment. This position requires a passion for learning and commitment to on-going professional progress.

There is a multitude of roles and responsibilities that the library-media specialist is responsible for, including teacher, information specialist, instructional partner, and program administrator. In order to become an effective library-media specialist, one must be prepared to execute these roles throughout the learning community.

If this is the role you are willing to play in your school environment, the first task you need to do is to pass the OSAT Library-Media Specialist exam formulated by the CEOE.

The exam consists of 80 selected-response questions and 1 constructed-response assignment all of which equals to 300 points. You need to get 80% of these points which means, the passing score is 240 points. If becoming a library-media specialist is your goal, then you have to set some objectives for yourself.

The Best Tools for Passing the OSAT Library-Media Specialist (038) Test  

How does one pass an examination? What does one need in order to pass the test? The answers are simple. 1. One needs to study in order to pass an exam. 2. One needs time to study, for sure. 3. A copy of OSAT Library-Media Specialist Test Secrets Study Guide and 4. The OSAT Library-Media Specialist Flashcard Study System

The OSAT Library-Media Specialist Test Secrets Study Guide is the best resource you can ever find in the market. It is designed to help you study what are only important, tips and tricks on how to prepare your mind for the exam, comprehensive series of sample questions to hone your analytical and constructive thinking.

This OSAT study guide contains the following chapters, all of which are essential to the exam:

The School Library Program  

• School Library Program and its relationship to the total school program, information resources and services beyond the school as well as legal and ethical issues and professional guidelines related to school library programs

• School librarian’s roles and responsibilities in the school library program while promoting ongoing professional development

• School librarian’s responsibility to lead an integrated library program within and beyond school community

School Library Resources and Collections  

• The physical, digital and virtual information and literary resources in the school library program and the curriculum

• Issues and procedures related to collection development and acquisition of resources, technology and equipment

Information Literacy and Inquiry Skills  

• Organizing, circulating and managing of school library resources and equipment

• Best practices in planning and implementing curriculum, instruction and assessment to help students develop information literacy skills

• Strategies that promote development of information literacy skills that support independent inquiry and collaborative learning

Program Administration  

• Management of human, financial and physical resources of the school library program

• Issues, procedures and practices related to development, implementation and evaluation of the school library program

Remember All Key Aspects of the Exam with the Flashcard System  

On another note, the OSAT Library-Media Specialist Flashcard Study System is also powerful tool to help you with your studying process. This tool will help you memorize concepts with in-depth explanations at the back of each card in an easy to understand, straightforward style.

Now that you know how these tools can help you pass the examination, all you need to do is grab a copy of the study guide together with the flashcard study system. It is always wise to make a good investment towards your future. Remember, your future is in your hands. The decisions you are making now will affect your future.