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OSAT English (007)

OSAT English

Outstanding OSAT English Exam Prep

The essence of English as a subject is to educate on the English language and to aid in the understanding of the language. The subject of English is most often split into two main topics; English Literature and the English Language.

Studying the English Language is important in helping one to read and write well, and with effectively communicating through speech. The study of both topics can increase one’s vocabulary and creative ability in the language. Also, it can educate students about the history and culture of the language.

Passing the OSAT English (007) Test Will Provide Many Opportunities

There is a wide range of professions one can become by having an English degree. For example, occupations in Teaching, Media, Marketing and Advertising and even Social Work would be possible. However, before one can venture and continue on the path towards any of these professions, one must take the OSAT English test formulated by CEOE. The purpose of this exam is to assess one’s readiness in becoming an educator of the English Language. The passing score is 240 points out of 300. If one of the professions mentioned above is the role you aim to pursue, you would need to prepare yourself for the exam.

It is important to have all the best resources that when you are studying for the test; you need to have the right tools, such as study guides and study systems, to guide and help in passing with excellent marks.

Enhance Your Studying Efforts with the OSAT English Test Study Guide

One of the best tools by far is the OSAT English (007) Test Secrets Study Guide. This study guide is made for the sole purpose of assisting aspiring educators in becoming what they want in the field of English education. Effective tips, tricks, studying methods and comprehensive selections of sample questions - all of which would efficiently help you in passing the exam - are all part of this study guide.

This OSAT study guide contains the following chapters, all of which are essential to the exam:

Listening, Viewing, and Speaking


  • Viewing, listening, communicating information. In addition to understanding, critical analysing, evaluating, persuading, social interacting, expressing, literary responding and entertaining

Writing Process and Applications 


  • Writing processes
  • Elements of effective composition
  • Conventions of standard American English
  • Process of writing to/for describe, inform, or explain, persuade or instruct, personal expression and social interaction, personal expression and social interaction and literary response and critical analysis

Reading Process and Comprehension


  • Developing vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension
  • Strategies for reading expository texts, persuasive texts and literary texts

Language and Literature

A: Fundamentals of Language and Literature

  • Cultural, historical, social, and technological influences that shape the English  language
  • Characteristics of various genres of fiction and drama and various genres of nonfiction,  and poetry
  • Historical, social, and cultural aspects of literature, including the ways in which  literary works and movements both reflect and shape culture and history

B: History of Literature

  • Major themes, trends, writers, characteristics, and works in American literature all the way from the colonial period to the present day.
  • Also covers British literature, and literatures of Asia, Africa, continental Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Wouldn’t it be great to be fully prepared for the exam and while having utmost confidence that you will pass? It`s best not to waste your hard-earned money and time in reapplying for the test just because you were not fully prepared the first time you took it. As a matter of fact, you would have to wait 4 months before being eligible for retaking the exam.

Memorizing Key Concepts of the Test Couldn't Get Easier

Another effective tool to help you with preparing is the OSAT English Flashcard Study System, which is great for memorizing key concepts as they feature in-depth explanations at the back of each card in an easy-to-understand, straightforward style. Buy a copy of the study guide and the flashcard study system. Read, absorb, and study all the information you need to learn; once you have passed the test, the door of opportunity in becoming an educator of the English language will be open to you.

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OSAT English

OSAT English (007) Secrets Exam Prep Guide

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Outstanding OSAT English Exam Prep     The essence of English as a subject is to educate...
OSAT English (007) Flashcard

OSAT English (007) Flashcard

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