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NYSTCE New York Public Teaching Licensure Test Details for Literacy 065

NYSTCE New York Public Teaching Licensure Test Details for Literacy 065

Relevancy Exams:

NYSTCE Literacy Examination Overview

NYSTCE Literacy Exam aims to certify applicants having the proficient capacity and competency in imparting lessons about strategies of research and literacy coaching practices to students, in consideration of the standards given by the New York State Educators Board. The exam can be taken either of the two sessions-morning or afternoon, depending on the available time of the examinee. An accreditation will then be granted to the qualified applicant given that he/she passes the evaluation and fulfills all the requirements in attaining the profession.

NYSTCE Literacy Exam – Admission

Like all other NYSTCE Exams, the literacy evaluation is also composed of two levels- the initial phase which is valid for three years and the professional phase, the advanced level. The former’s requirement is that the applicant be a bachelor degree holder in a national or state university and must be able to attain passing marks in Liberal Arts and Science Test and Assistant of Teaching Skills Exam also other than the NYSCTE Literacy Exam. The second level requires the examinee to be a master degree holder and must have a three-year experience teaching in the field.

NYSTCE Literacy Exam – Presentation

The exam will be composed of 90 multiple choice questions and a subjective question, both open and closed-ended questions. Time duration will be four hours to be then evaluated on scale of 300 in which one must score at least 220 in order to pass. Candidate must answer as many questions as they can as there is no negative marking for wrong answer and in case the examinee feels that responses are underscored, he/she can apply for recheck of the papers for further clarifications.

NYSTCE Literacy Exam – Course Outline

The topics include:

•  45% Reading assessment and instruction - oral and written language, word identification strategies, reading and comprehension skills, phonological and phonemic awareness, vocabulary development

•  23% Fundamentals of literacy – communication, literary acquisitions and development, formal and informal techniques

•  22% Role and Responsibility of Literacy Professional – professional responsibilities of media specialist, literacy and curriculum development                    

*10% weightings in the exam will be from the open-ended questions of the topic “reading assessment and instruction”

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