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NES School Counselor Test

NES School Counselor Test

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NES School Counselor Test is for candidates wishing to become educator in School Counselor field. This test is a computer based test with 150 multiple choice questions. For three hours, candidates must finish the test. National benchmark score for this test is 220. Passing scores can be find in the state of New Mexico, Oregon. $95 is the testing fee. A scaled score is provided immediately after testing; score reports are released within two weeks of testing.

Topics for Your Examination

Listed below are the main topics with their respected subtopics. This lists will help test takers lessen the scope of their study and can help them focus on the topics listed below. It is highly motivated that candidates must scan their stock knowledge ahead of time to avoid time pressure and anxiety.

Student Development and Learning

·         Human development from early childhood to young adulthood

·         Learning process and factors that affect learning

Comprehensive School Counseling Program

·         Development and implementation of a guidance curriculum

·         Methods for individual planning to help students establish goals and develop future plans

·         Methods for providing responsive services to meet students' needs

·         Principles of leadership to support the educational system

Professional Knowledge and Practice

·         Applications of testing and assessment

·         Strategies for developing effective relationships with students, their families, professionals, and the community

·         Roles, responsibilities, and professional standards of school counselors

Coverage of the Test with Weighted Percentage

Proper time handling during your study would be the key to ace the exam during your review period. Giving high allocation of time spend in studying to heavy part of the exam will be a big plus! Here are the list of main topics with their respected weighted percentage.

Student Development and Learning which covers 22% of the examination

Comprehensive School Counseling Program which covers 45% of the examination

Professional Knowledge and Practice which covers 33% of the examination

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