MTTC Teacher Test MTTC Teacher Test
MTTC Agricultural Education Test MTTC Autism Spectrum Disorder Test MTTC Basic Skills Test
MTTC Bilingual Education Test MTTC Biology 17 Exam MTTC Business Management Marketing and Technology
MTTC Chemistry Test MTTC Cognitive Impairment 56 Exam MTTC Communication Arts Test
MTTC Computer Science Test MTTC Early Childhood Education (General and Special Education) Test MTTC Early Childhood Education Test
MTTC Earth Space Science 20 Exam MTTC Economics Test MTTC Dance
MTTC English Test MTTC English as a Second Language Test MTTC Elementary Education Test
MTTC Emotional Impairment Test MTTC Family and Consumer Sciences Test MTTC Fine Arts Test
MTTC Geography Test MTTC Guidance Counselor Test MTTC Health 43 Exam
MTTC Hearing Impaired 62 Exam MTTC History 09 Exam MTTC Industrial Technology 87 Exam
MTTC Integrated Science Elementary 93 Exam MTTC Physical Science 97 Exam MTTC Physics 19 Exam
MTTC Political Science Test MTTC Psychology Test MTTC Reading Test
MTTC Reading Specialist Test MTTC Social Studies Test MTTC Sociology Test
MTTC Speech Test MTTC Speech and Language Impaired Test MTTC Technology and Design Test
MTTC Visual Arts Education Test MTTC Visually Impaired Test MTTC Library Media 48 Exam
MTTC Marketing Education 36 Exam MTTC Mathematics Elementary 89 Exam MTTC Mathematics Secondary 22 Exam
MTTC Journalism Test MTTC Learning Disabilities 63 Exam Study Guide MTTC Language Arts (Elementary) Test
MTTC Middle Level 85 Exam MTTC Music 99 Exam MTTC Music Education 39 Exam
MTTC Physical Education 44 Exam MTTC Integrated Science (Secondary) 94 Exam



Every year, there have been an increasing number of college and university graduates who came up with the decision to take the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification. The MTTC teaching licensure exam is one of the recognized teaching certification exams students can take to be able to get a valid teaching license to be acknowledged as an instructor or teacher.

There are many methods available to help test takers with their aim of passing the MTTC teaching licensure exam. Private tutorial sessions or review classes are only a few of the available methods. But more students turn to test prep books for further knowledge and assistance on the actual test.

The contents of test prep books for MTTC here at are thoroughly researched and written by the best test writers and researchers who are highly knowledgeable and very experienced with regards to the actual test. The MTTC teaching licensure exam study guides are able to provide the best solutions for the most common test preparation and test taking problems.

With the increasing number of test takers each year, obtaining a copy of the test prep books can increase your advantage of passing the MTTC teaching licensure exam. Check out’s library of test prep books today and find the appropriate test guide that will fit into your test preparation needs. Start preparing for your MTTC teaching licensure exam today and secure your teaching license to obtain employment in an educational institution or school in the future.


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MTTC Teacher Test

Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets

MTTC Teacher Test Prep material listed here will help you prepare for your MTTC teaching certification exam.

MTTC Agricultural Education

MTTC Agricultural Education Test

Exam Code: mttc-037
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
The MTTC Agricultural Education (37) test, are the exams or tests taken by the teachers who are interested to give their services in the field of Agriculture. For this purpose, The Michigan Tests for teacher Certification provide helpful study outlines or study guides for the teachers who are willing...
MTTC Autism Spectrum Disorder

MTTC Autism Spectrum Disorder Test

Exam Code: mttc-064
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
The MTTC Exam Secrets Study guide is helpful for those willing-to-teach people who are applying for Michigan Test for teacher Certification.MTTC Exam  Secrets Study guide is provided for the examinees which are complied and composed by tests experts, who have done a vast research for each and every...
MTTC Basic Skills

MTTC Basic Skills Test

Exam Code: mttc-096
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
MTTC Basic Skills (96) Test is designed to make sure that each certified teacher has the compulsory basic skills and content knowledge to teach in Michigan schools. Michigan Test for Teacher Certification is basically a general requirement for Michigan Teacher Certification. Reading, writing and math...
MTTC Bilingual Education

MTTC Bilingual Education Test

Exam Code: mttc-075
MTTC Test is the basic requirement to get the certification of Michigan’s school. These tests are taken for the satisfaction that whether the person teaching in the Michigan school is eligible for it. The best time to apply for this test is when you have completed your college, or have done...
MTTC Biology 17 Exam

MTTC Biology 17 Exam

Exam Code: mttc-017
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
MTTC Biology 17 Exam: Things to Know   Candidates who are planning to apply for the Biology teacher position in Michigan schools will have to take mandatory MTTC Biology 17 Exam. They should also possess a degree or diploma majoring in Biology in order to be eligible to apply for this MTTC Biology...